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Dick Cheney & Vigilant Shield: Will a Missing Nuke be used in a Simulated Terrorist Attack? - Exopolitics Alert #1

I have just completed an article (click here) that deals with the possibility that the upcoming (October 15-19) Vigilant Shield and TOPOFF civil and military exercises in Oregon, Arizona and Guam might be used as a cover for detonating a real nuclear device. This is a very serious concern since Vice President Dick Cheney has direct oversight of these exercises and is reportedly traveling to Portland to oversee them. Cheney was also in charge of the Vigilant Guardian and related exercises that occurred on the morning of 911 where military and civil exercises were under his control as mandated by a May 2001 Presidential Statement. Most troubling is the possibility that a missing nuclear weapon from the August 30 B-52 Bomber incident might be used in the Vigilant Shield exercise. Again, Cheney has been identified as the official most likely to have ordered the B-52 incident using the Secret Service to directly communicate classified orders to the Base commanders at Minot AFB (click here), thereby overriding the regular chain of Air Force command and its Standard Operating Procedures for nuclear weapons. The threatened or real use of a nuclear weapon could lead to a declaration of a "Catastrophic Emergency" by the Bush administration. This would allow the Bush administration to take control of all governmental and private corporate activities until "constitutional government" could be restored.

The implications of the above scenario for disclosure of extraterrestrial life would be profound. A "Catastrophic Emergency" declaration would centralize governmental powers and enable the secrecy system concerning extraterrestrial life to continue indefinitely. Given the increasing level of public interest in extraterrestrial life as evidenced by recent governmental actions around the world in releasing UFO data (France, Britain, Brazil, etc.) and increasing waves of UFO sightings, we must be alert to the possibility that 'false flag' operations might be used to distract the population from the reality of extraterrestrial life. There is strong reason to believe that official complicity in 911 had as one of its functions the goal of neutralizing growing interest in extraterrestrial life generated by the May 2001 Disclosure Press Conference (click here).

Please remain alert to the seriousness of the national and exopolitical situation posed by Dick Cheney's oversight of Vigilant Shield 2008 and TOPOFF 4 exercises, and the need to closely monitor all his activities concerning government responses to terrorist actions. As we move closer to official disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, we should anticipate and expose efforts to manufacture national security crises or "Catastrophic Emergencies" whose real purpose may be to delay disclosure. In the next 15 months, until Dick Cheney is succeeded as Vice President, efforts must be taken to closely scrutinize his activities to expose what otherwise might be covert operations that would indefinitely delay official disclosure of extraterrestrial life. To that end, I will be periodically issuing "Exopolitics Alerts" to warn the general public of these possible covert operations and their possible impact on extraterrestrial disclosure.

[Note: The article, "Dick Cheney & Vigilant Shield: Will a Missing Nuke from the B-52 Incident be used in a Simulated Terrorist Attack?" is available here.]

Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Kona, Hawaii


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