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To: Dr. Michael Salla
From: Marcia McDowell, M.A. OpDir Proj Lotus (PD/SF)
Re: Follow-up comments to your letter to Dr. Dan BC Burisch

Dr. Salla,

Dr. Dan Burisch has been made aware of your recent letter, and as his ability to communicate with anyone outside our 'community' has been severely restricted due to recent events, I have been asked to try to relay his thoughts, as well as the position of the research team with respect to your well crafted and thoughtful letter.

True friendship appears to be a thread winding its way throughout the body of your letter. And indeed, Dr. Burisch values true friendship very greatly. It is a rare and treasured gift, to be cherished as we wander through the difficulties of this world.

Perhaps, the number of true friends we acquire in this lifetime is intentionally kept to a small number because of the fact that we feel so moved by that relationship that we often suspend our own best judgment in order to preserve and foster a deepening of that bond. However, in the case of Dr. Burisch, and indeed most of us involved
in this research, the raising of true friendship over best judgment cannot be permitted, no matter how tempting it may be, since those aspects of friendship such as mutually beneficial projects, good manners, apparent respect and assistance can all be a 'glamour' obscuring a hidden agenda.

Even if that hidden agenda appears to be full of virtue, such as the mitigation of human suffering, it comes perilously close to reaching out, or touching the Fruit of the Tree of Life; an action which cannot be condoned by anyone on this project.

Comparing Dr. Burisch to Gilgamesh or Prince Siddartha who set off upon the noble quest to mitigate human suffering, or to seek immortality so that nobody would ever again have to experience the pain of loss of a 'true friend', is tantamount to a carefully disguised maneuver to direct or guide his caring and humanity-loving nature in a direction which appears on the surface to be worthy and full of great virtue.

Actions (conversion of the observational nature of this project into a technology of any form) even to alleviate human suffering, or the pain of loss in such a manner would be tantamount to touching the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

As to the question of whether the J-Rod asked permission before flooding Dr. Burisch with mental images - Dr. Burisch regards this as a personal matter between the J-Rod, himself and God.

And finally, disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, regardless of whether it concerns the factions of the J-Rods with which we have become familiar, or other extraterrestrial entities which are unknown to us at this time, it is Dr. Burisch's position that such a disclosure is not an issue over which he has any unique position which might help to promote a particular outcome.

We in this project agree that we have been placed in a very unique position: we have been chosen by the Majestic 12 to perform an important task, albeit a humbly small task when considered in the overall panorama of Terrestrial and Exopolitical agendae. But beyond that, we have been chosen by The Creator, as evidenced by the
Spiritual Entities surrounding this Project that help to guide our small steps. They always remind us to honor the admonition to 'look but not touch' the Fruit of the Tree of Life which we have been given the honor to study. It is unwise therefore for any of us to believe that Providence has placed us in a unique position whereby
we could help promote any particular outcome, since by so steering or manipulating the observations, or our actions concerning those observations, we might ignore the very founding Tenet upon which our work has been sanctioned by the Creator of All Life.

While we are always moved to consider the ethical and moral questions surrounding disclosure and our work on the Lotus, we will not continence any maneuvering with regard to any aspect of our observations, our actions, or our conclusions. This we do with respect for the Creator of Life and in humility as human beings.


Marcia A. McDowell, M.A.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International Inc.
Fiat Lux et Veritas


Tuesday, April 20, 2004
To Daniel Burisch, PhD
From: Michael E. Salla, PhD
RE: Response to Last Letter [internet release, April 19, 2004)

Dear Dr Burisch

Thank you for relaying your thoughts through Marcia McDowell who communicated both your and her concerns from my last letter. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this dialogue with you since you are in the unique position of divulging information of a classified nature on a covert project without the
kind of national security proscriptions that are normally associated with such disclosure. This of course is indicative of tacit support you have in disclosing this information to a wider audience. All the information you communicate does much to enlighten those outside of the `official loop' of what is happening with Project Lotus, its
significance, and the `observational' nature of this Project. I have received a number of emails from individuals who are grateful for the information that has been released so far, and appreciate that such a dialogue is occurring. I include at the end of this message, an email I received which was particularly touching and where the sender requested I forward this to you.

In Ms McDowell's message she correctly identified that friendship was a theme that I emphasized when referring to Gilgamesh's journey for immortality that echoed the restorative powers made possible by the Ganesh particle and Project Lotus. While she was correct in identifying this theme of friendship in my message, my emphasis was
clearly on questioning whether the J-Rods could be the friends of humanity given their manner of interacting with humans. I was clearly suspicious of their intentions and arguing the importance of developing friendship with other extraterrestrial races. In Ms McDowell's reply, she chose to interpret friendship in a different way to how it was intended and the actual context of my message, as an appeal to friendship on a personal level. She suggested that I
was tacitly using the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkiddu, so as to persuade you to forego your ethical and professional responsibilities vis-à-vis Project Lotus in the interest of being a `friend of humanity'. She chose to imply that my references to Gilgamesh and Prince Siddartha were a veiled attempt to inveigle you into considering and/or developing some applied technologies of Project Lotus.

Ms McDowell's choice to interpret friendship in the above way is very revealing. She directed attention away from my own concerns regarding the intentions and behavior of J-Rods, towards the issue of applied technologies in conjuction with Project Lotus, and the ethical/religious/professional issues this raises for you. This indicates your and her concerns about maintaining the integrity of Project Lotus and not violating religious precepts provided by the
spiritual entities guarding this technology, or embarking on efforts for considering or developing applied technologies for this Project. This is very predictable since as the project's Director, you know better than anyone else the pressures that may be placed upon you to consider and/or develop applied technologies of Project Lotus. The
concerns you relayed through Ms Haines resonates with a high degree of concern over violating ethical/religious precepts associated with the `Fruit of the Tree of Life'.

Indeed, the very fact that outside communications are occurring is perhaps due to the perception that this may persuade you of the need to consider applied technologies stemming from Project Lotus. Perhaps there may be mix of national security and corporate interests behind the pressure on you to consider or develop applied
technologies. In that sense, you are to be admired in maintaining your convictions concerning Project Lotus and considering/developing applied technologies when humanity may not be ready for this politically, socially or spiritually. I certainly support you in this as I'm sure many others do as well. Many have described you as
a hero for your stance in this issue, however, rather than simply seeing this as a struggle to prevent certain negative forces in developing applied technologies, I choose to see the `struggle' in terms of how it is framed and presented to the general public. I see the framing of the struggle as most significant, rather than the actual struggle itself since the former allows a better understanding of the political forces and dynamics that are behind the scenes exercizing influence.

I do not have a strong interest either way over the ethical issues concerning applied technologies stemming from Project Lotus but suspect that if I were better informed about it, I would be disinclined to support any applied technologies. I do however have strong concerns over the association of J-Rods with the Project, and
in particular the association between you and the J-Rod that facilitated the information exchange with you. Any public announcement of Project Lotus, the Ganesh Particle, and applied technologies stemming from these, would in my view privilege the J-Rods with having played a significant role through their assistance in the program. The J-Rods may even have played a role in ensuring that in the consideration or development of applied technologies,
they would play an indispensable intermediary role. This would have the effect of legitimating the J-Rods intervention in human affairs over the last 50 years as a result of a succession of secret `treaties' with Majestic committees in a number of presidential administrations.

The public response to applied technologies stemming from Project Lotus would not only benefit the scientific creators of this technology, but also the various national security, corporate and extraterrestrial interests behind it. President Eisenhower coined the expression `military-industrial complex', and I believe it is now high time to expand this to the more correct `military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex' that describes the compartmentalized network of black projects working on extraterrestrial technologies. This term more correctly identifies the constellation of military, corporate and extraterrestrial interests that have cooperated in the past and continue to do so
with minimal public accountability.

Applied technologies stemming from Project Lotus would go a great distance in legitimating the current `military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex' and would directly benefit the J-Rods who have participated in this. This legitimating function of Project Lotus remains my chief concern since I am very aware of how applied
technologies may diminish public opposition to the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that exists and seeks to
legitimate itself in any forthcoming public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. The public release of Project Lotus and possible applied technologies associated with it would in effect be part of a public relations exercise to generate support for the J-Rods, Majestic Committees, and other key corporate/national security interests in the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex.

I understand that your chief concern is and continues to be that Project Lotus is managed in a responsible and ethical manner that respects the religious/spiritual dimension of Project Lotus. The presence and influence of the spiritual entities which guard the Ganesh particle is a subject of great interest to the general public. I certainly respect your position that applied technologies are therefore not to be countenanced due to the religious proscription of `look but don't touch'. My own concern is that Project Lotus is not used either in the two following ways. One, to
develop support for applied technologies stemming from it that would effectively legitimate the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. Second, as a public relations exercize where the religious/spiritual dimension of the Project Lotus is used as a means of establishing a conceptual linkage between the J-Rods and the foundation of life, thereby promoting the J-Rods and whatever their long term agenda. I apologize here if I offend you in any way
since you clearly had an experience with J-Rod that you highly value. I certainly don't you to construe my comment as a condemnation of the individual J-Rod that you interacted with. I am not opposed to J-Rods as an extraterrestrial race in general and the possibility that they may interact in uplifting ways with some individuals. I'm just concerned of any efforts, especially when it involves the collusion of Majestic Committees as in the public
release of information concerning Project Lotus, that shapes public opinion in a direction that leads to acceptance of some faction of J-Rods as genuinely `benevolent'. I am very suspicious of such a `spin' which has political overtones. I seek to promote a genuine disclosure process where all extraterrestrial races are identified and their long term agendas are made transparent. This also includes the `benevolent beings' from Orion that you mentioned in your
earlier message, and especially pertains to the J-Rods who have had extensive interactions with humanity at the public and private level.

In conclusion, I see no inherent tension in our respective concerns which are complementary since we see dangers in considering and/or developing applied technologies from Project Lotus. We also have an interest in disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and making this as transparent as possible, and not spun in a way that fulfills some agenda by a variety of nebulous interest groups. Consequently, I welcome the possibility of continuing this dialogue with you since our concerns are complementary.

In peace and friendship

Michael E. Salla, PhD.


[Personal Email Received]
From: Steven Mahrle <smahrle@new.rr.com>
To: Dr Michael Salla
Date: 16 April, 2004]
Subject: An Island Called Sanity …

Dr.Salla, I`m just one feller, wandering along thru this life for whatever reason that has placed me here. I`ve been a child, a warrior, a father, and still deeply love and share my life with my wife. Along the way I was given an outline in how to live as an honorable man, and with this, have conducted myself within that code. I`ve made a life in Aviation, designing ,building,maintaining and flying . Frankly it`s a tough life not paved in monitary reward, but the intangibles of service to others ,and enough money to raise a family has been truly gratifying. As I think of it , I can state
humbly ,that I`m very good at what I do. After 40 years in Aviation, I don`t owe anyone a dime, haven`t killed anyone thru neglect or non-preformance of my duties, and along the way, have given back to
those in Aviation the Gift of Flight. It is said that there are no atheists in cockpits. On the spiritual level ,this I abscribe. How could one ,seated alone at night flying thru the stars consider anything less than the Divnity which smiles on this fair planet, and beyond.......... We, All of humanity are faced with our own mortality , as sentiant beings We share this in comon equaly. Having faced this fact, both in combat, and in the course of my profession, I have come to know how precious this thing called life is. Understanding this ,I have an odd way to express this
observation : ""I`m thrilled to death , with Life.."" .......

Now along the way thru my last half century`s voyage I`ve watched the comon effects of Fear on humanity. Fear based on the mortality of the human species is as shared an experiance as Life. Fear is used as a control by some, Power by others, a contrivance used, based on the shared experiance of Life. A great man FDR stated it :"" The only thing to fear, is fear it`s self.."" A truisum and a valdidation that some understand, and others never will..........
We , All of Humanity, Right now are entering into a great time of discord based in fear. It is in fact a most wonderful time for some, and the darkest time for others. Within this time We, each and every human being on this planet , may well face an answer to a question that has held both fear and life . Knowldge that We are not Alone in this thing we call Life. How we respond to the answer will define Humanity on both a personal level ,and that of a speices. It truely is as if one awakes from a dream and has to refocus on the reality which is contained. Will we react in fear or simply accept awakening ? A question to be answered as readily as the need to awaken from the needed repose of sleep...........

Within my voyage I happened to find your constuct . Your efforts well ballenced and thoughful. Very recently I`ve read your writtings to Dr. Dan Burisch , an individual which has begun to report something that quite frankly will need to be fully vetted , but which opens the door to answers that each and every sentiant human being on this
planet desires to understand. Frankly, He`s one person, and as I have stated , his creditability must be confirmed, just as equaly as My creditability would need to be validated if I were placed in his position. Now , the reason I am writting to you, is simply to thank Both of You for your collective effort on the path of Awakening.

Both of you ,have presented in the few short pages of civil, intelligent, discussion a level of clear thinking ,regarding the most fundimental questions We all face. Honestly in a world of confrontational attitude based in fear, Both of You ,have presented an awareness that frankly has given me more hope than any open door meeting conducted by the entire body of the U.N. .... Hope. the ballance of fear. If for no other reason than to simply bringing Hope into this world, I applaude Both of You, for your Ability to conduct a meaningful civilized effort in the search for
Truth.......... Now I don`t have a clue as to how this all will play out, if left to continue unabated. The possibilities are frankly breath taking in scope.

It is my Hope and prayers to both of you, God Speed in the course of this voyage of awakening..... Frankly,
this recent data goes a long way in valdidating my personal belief in those who seek Truth :"" We Are All, In this Together...."" Now that makes it all worth while, don`t you think? If it is within your means , please feel free to pass this along to Dr.Burisch . This is offered in full support of the efforts both of you have undertaken .
Truth, and Hope ,awakening, as if from a dream.......... Safe
Flight, High Flight..........



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