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Conference Report: Transforming the Earth through Inspiration and Vision

The 2007 Earth Transformation Conference finished on Mother's Day, May 13 with a powerful endorsement of a declaration featuring 20 principles designed to transform life on Earth. Titled the Earth Transformation Declaration, it embodies principles discussed by 14 presenters over the three day event in Kona, Hawaii. Sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute and organized by Angelika Whitecliff and myself, the Conference thrilled the audience with a succession of paradigm shifting presentations on New Science and Technology, Spirituality, Dolphins and Exopolitics. After an opening celebration by Kumu, the native Hawaiian custodian for the land upon which the conference was held, the conference began with a presentation by Dr Len Horowitz.

Dr Horowitz discussed his work on uncovering the 'real' Da Vinci Code. Rather than a fictionalized body of information describing human bloodlines stretching back to the foundations of Christianity, Dr Horowitz gave compelling evidence that the Code is found in the geometric configuration of the human body and DNA. He revealed disturbing information on how human DNA has been the focus of efforts by vested interests to control and manipulate humanity. Importantly, he provided feasible solutions on how to turn back the undeclared war on human DNA in order to promote optimal health, longevity and human potential. Dr Horowitz ably demonstrated why many alternative health practitioners view him as a modern day David standing against the goliath of the pharmaceutical industry.

The next presenter, Nassim Haramein, is best known for a pioneering physics paper co-authored with Dr Elizabeth Rauscher on the "Origin of Spin'. Nassim gave a dynamic presentation on how understanding the true nature of motion revolutionizes our understanding of gravity, electromagnetic energy and the origins of the universe. He eloquently stated how his theory on the 'Origin of Spin' leads to a unified field theory long sought by Albert Einstein. Discovering geometric patterns that repeat themselves throughout the universe, Nassim presents a holistic theory that revolutionizes our understanding of physics at both the micro and macro levels. He displayed a remarkable ability to explain complex scientific theories in easily accessible laymen's terms that was greatly appreciated by the audience. He also announced the release of his long awaited six hour DVD that summarizes his scientific work and its significance. Nassim's eloquent and compelling case for a unified field theory is destined to gain increasing attention as scientists seek to better understand the relationship between gravity, electromagnetic energy and motion.

Joel Garbon followed with a heartfelt presentation on the emergence of alternative energy technologies and their promise to revolutionize life on our planet. He gave a deeply emotional account of how many inventers are suppressed by vested interests, and how promising new energy technologies are routinely ignored at an official level. Joel's presentation discussed the emergence of the New Energy movement as an irreversible trend that is gaining widespread attention. He described his work in co-drafting a comprehensive Energy Innovation Act for the U.S. Congress. While it currently still awaits an official congressional sponsor, it heralds a not too distant day when the US Congress assumes its responsibility in ensuring the research and development of alternative energies.

The final presenter on the first day was conference co-organizer Angelika Whitecliff who gave an uplifting account of humanity's "Hidden History & Telepathic Future". She began by exposing common misconceptions of humanity as a relatively new creation arising 300,000 years ago either from Darwinian natural selection, or from extraterrestrial intervention as claimed by Zecharia Sitchin. Using astonishing evidence from Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archeology, Angelika gave a cogent argument that anatomically modern humans have lived on Earth for hundreds of millions of years, far longer than the 300,000 years proposed by Sitchin and most scientists. She persuasively demonstrated that humanity's ancestors were far more developed in cultural and spiritual terms than commonly accepted. Angelika claimed that the evidence shows humanity did not emerge from any extraterrestrial genetic engineering program, but appeared spontaneously either from an irruption of consciousness from higher dimensions or from extraterrestrial colonization. She also referred to recent scientific literature demonstrating that telepathic communication is possible due to quantum entanglement emerging from a common point of origin of the universe. Angelika argued that by learning about our ancient ancestors and their point of origin, we will discover our interconnectedness and develop telepathic communications with one another.

The next speaker was Dr Frank Stranges who discussed evidence concerning the suppression of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He reminded the audience that ever since their discovery in 1947, the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been very controversial and only released in a very selective and incomplete manner. Important parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls remain hidden to this day and suggest that their contents greatly disturb established religious traditions. He claims that the hidden contents refer to extraterrestrial visitors that were known in antiquity and who played a powerful role in the development of modern religions. He also described his own meetings and conversations with extraterrestrials visitors that continue to this day.

My own presentation feature evidence of extraterrestrials living among us due to their close physical resemblance and ability to blend in without being noticed. I began with a historic overview of historic texts that describe extraterrestrials living within ancient human societies suggesting that this is not a new phenomenon. I then examined a variety of 'contactees', George Adamski, Dan Fry, Howard Menger and others who described cases of extraterrestrials living among us, and their own efforts to assist extraterrestrials to blend in without being noticed. Whistleblower testimony from Robert Dean and Ingo Swann was also cited as evidence for this modern phenomenon. I then examined government responses to the reemergence of this ancient phenomenon which basically amounts to debunking, discrediting and intimidating witnesses or whistleblowers that give evidence of extraterrestrials living among us.

The next presenter was Ralph Ring who, in only his second public appearance, described in great detail the events leading up to his work with Otis Carr on the development of a civilian spacecraft. Ralph described how his own efforts to develop 'natural' solutions to problems concerning electromagnetic energy were frustrated in the corporate sector. He then teamed up with Otis Carr who built an operational 45ft saucer shaped spacecraft, the OTC-X1, that was successfully tested with Ralph as one of the three pilots. After Carr's OTC-X1 project was closed down by Federal government agencies, Ralph continued to research and develop ways to levitate vehicles and buildings which he is convinced is feasible if authorities permitted such technology to enter into the public sector.

Leonid Sharashkin was the next speaker and is best known as the editor of Anastasia: The Ringing Cedars book series which has sold over 11 million copies in Europe and has single handedly inspired a nationwide eco-movement in Russia. He began by describing the revolutionary success of small scale organic farming in Russia and claims that such farming continues to out perform large scale agro-businesses. Leonid described how Russian agro-businesses continue to object to small scale farming and block government land grants to single families and independent growers. Despite this setback, eco-communities are developing in all regions. He further discusses the impact of the ancient wisdom brought up in The Ringing Cedars series, including how to influence plants to bio-chemically produce exactly what an individual needs for perfect health or healing. Edgar Cayce prophesied that Russia would be the home of the next great spiritual revolution. Many believe Anastasia and her messages are the beacons of truth and knowledge which will lead this spiritual revolution. Ending to a standing ovation from the audience, Leonid's presentation was filled with practical and inspired examples of how each of us can build an eco-movement locally.

The keynote speaker on Saturday night was Dr Thomas Valone who spoke about the need for new energy technologies due to the inherent challenges in using fossil fuels as a suitable energy source. He describes how fossil fuels lead to greenhouse emissions that directly contribute to dangerous climate changes. Dr Valone discussed a range of electromagnetic healing devices that can revolutionize the medical industry. He then described a variety of permanent magnetic motors as examples of future energy technologies that can revolutionize the energy sector. He also discussed different inventors producing car engines that effectively use these future energy technologies. Dr Valone enthused the audience with the possibility of zero point energy being developed due to its pervasive presence throughout all space. Using as a platform the alternative energy principles he discussed, he then described how the propulsion systems of UFOs would operate in order to cover the large distances of interstellar space.

In his first U.S. appearance, Mexican shaman and healer Hector Palacios discussed his 40+ years of experiences with various extraterrestrial groups. With great humility and sincerity, he described being physically taken aboard spacecraft on numerous occasions and being shown other worlds. Twelve cosmic human races exist, he states, and many are here to help the Earth and its people toward a harmonious future. The spiritual message he has been given by extraterrestrials emphasizes the importance of love as a unifying principle for life in all its diversity. Hector not only describes his journeys to other planets in the solar system and the moon, which are inhabited by extraterrestrial life at higher densities of reality, but also Atlantis and ancient Mexican archeological sites which depict star visitors in sculpture and art. With vigor, he demonstrated health and healing techniques everyone can use daily to increase energy levels and overall well being. Hector's dynamic and important presentation ended with a standing ovation.

Stephen Bassett then gave a powerful presentation on the "Exopolitics Revolution", ably demonstrating why he is considered a seminal figure in the emergence of the exopolitical movement. He began his presentation with an astronomical tour of the universe demonstrating the absurdity of the idea that humanity is alone in the universe. He then proceeded to demonstrate how we have progressed well beyond the question of whether UFOs are real, and must now consider the political implications of extraterrestrial life. Steve then stunned the audience with his well reasoned predictions concerning the last 18 months of the Bush administration with high level resignations starting with Richard Cheney. Steve finally described how various political figures in the US have been briefed about the extraterrestrial presence and the likelihood that the next Presidential elections will usher in a new era of extraterrestrial disclosure.

Dr Robert Wood then discussed evidence of UFO crash retrieval operations. He described how he initially began his research as an investigator with McDonnell Douglas into advanced propulsion systems of UFOs. After his retirement, he was asked to research a number of leaked documents allegedly concerning events and officials involving extraterrestrial life. In this presentation, he discussed some of the most important documents and events substantiating the existence of extraterrestrial life, the recovery of crashed extraterrestrial vehicles and a high level government cover up. With considerable knowledge and expertise, Dr Wood provides an excellent historical overview and analysis of some of the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. He finished his presentation by discussing the use of psychological operations to mislead the public and to control the media.

A conference panel was then convened comprising speakers who addressed a variety of audience questions concerning extraterrestrial life, disclosure, new energy technologies and spirituality. The panel was followed by presentation of a document that had been developed during earlier sessions and a questionnaire. Comprising twenty principles that had been revised as a result of speaker and audience feedback, the conference as a body adopted by consensus the final version of the Earth Transformation Declaration.

Author Timothy Wyllie blended together poetry, an extraterrestrial supposition and a flowing artistic style in his latest art film project, The Helianx Proposition, which he premiered in Hawaii in this presentation. He then opened the floor to audience questions and offered a spirited recounting of stories that relate to angels, dolphins, extraterrestrials and his adventure filled journey of life.

The final conference presentation featured Dr Brooks Agnew who explained to the audience the scientific principles behind his North Pole expedition to find an entrance passage to the Hollow Earth. He described the principles behind the science of planetary formation which point to the Earth as a having hollowed toroidal shape, like a coreless apple. Due to the melting of the Polar icecap, he explained how it is now possible to go by boat all the way to the North Pole to find what he believes will be an entrance passage that can be scientifically confirmed. His expedition promises to provide stunning evidence for a phenomenon that will revolutionize scientific principles behind planetary formation.

From the perspective of myself and my co-organizer, Angelika Whitecliff, the conference met our expectations of an inspired set of presentations that gave the audience the opportunity to find its own niche in the Earth Transformation that lies ahead. Numerous individuals approached us after the conference to tell us how it had changed their lives and how inspired they were to bring to fruition the teachings they had heard. The Earth Transformation Declaration was significant achievement since it gave an inspired example of how we can work together to forge a common vision on how to transform our planet. To sum up, I walked away from the conference feeling that we had set in place a process that fully exemplified Margaret Mead's famous dictum: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
June 7, 2007

To view the Earth Transformation Declaration or to purchase DVD's of the presentations, please visit the conference website at: www.Earthtransformation.com .

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