Exopolitics: political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence

Open Letter to Billy Cox - Teaching Exopolitics

Dear Mr Cox, in regard to your "A mile-high opportunity" article where you discuss the Exopolitics Institute's Certification program, you write: "Bottom line: these guys are talking about establishing a new priesthood."

In what way does developing something that approximates a formal academic program dealing with exopolitics constitute a new priesthood? As you probably know, I taught international politics in two Washington DC area universities and taught political science in Canberra Australia. At no time was I ever accused of participating in some kind academic scam to launch a priesthood. Students, parents and others were content that faculty members having formal pedagogical training, teaching experience and a research background were qualified to instruct tertiary level students. So why does my interest in exopolitics suddenly disqualify me from doing similar things to what I was doing while teaching at various universities? I would far rather have preferred to teach exopolitics in a university environment but was actively discouraged from doing so. So why should I abandon my teaching skills and profession simply because some overly conservative academics are too frightened to embrace a new field of study despite the evidence in its favor?

Developing a syllabus involves a structured approach to introducing students to a large volume of material. Evaluating students essays and class performance involves similar professional skills in assessing analytical abilities and research competence. Helping students with research assignments, assigning grades, conducting class evaluations, and awarding certificates for successful completion of courses is a standard part of any academic program and part of the accreditation process that the Exopolitics Institute has embarked upon.

Even though the content of an exopolitics coursework program differs from an international politics program, the pedagogical methods used for introducing students to a wide array of material are very similar. I and other instructors in the Exopolitics Certification program have decades of teaching experience. While the content of an Exopolitics course may be very different, the teaching methods used to introduce students to a wide array of material is very similar to any formal academic program.

Your flippant remark about "establishing a new priesthood" is based on some caricatures that you have developed about me and others involved in the exopolitics certification program. If you bothered to call me and discuss what happens in the certification program, you may not have been so quick to judge something that lies outside of your area of competence. Indeed, I find too many people develop caricatures of the exopolitics field simply because of mistaken assumptions that the writings of a few are representative of the whole field. I and others involved in the Exopolitics Institute are not interested in establishing a priesthood, but are interested in training people to systematically understand and assess the diverse evidence available on the extraterrestrial issue.

For the most part, I enjoy reading your De Void articles which display a sharp wit and appreciation of the UFO phenomenon. I do regret however that you have to stoop to caricatures of people, processes and institutions of which you have no real understanding. I hope in future you take more care in commenting upon the programs implemented by the Exopolitics Institute which in a hostile professional environment is trying to provide some kind formal scholarly training to those interested in evidence of extraterrestrial life.

[Note: Those interested in learning more about exopolitics as a new academic discipline are recommended to read: "Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial life."]

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner



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