Exopolitics: political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence
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The Need for Exopolitics:
Implications of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories
for Policy Makers & Global Peace

Research Study #1

Published January 20, 2003 (Revised October 2003)


© Michael E. Salla, PhD





According to a September 2002 Roper poll, two thirds of US citizens don't believe their government is disclosing the truth about an Extra-Terrestrial (ET) presence over the last fifty years in the USA, and 60% supported the Federal government releasing this information. The history of a purported ET presence has generated numerous books, films, articles, web sites and conspiracy theories on the various activities and intentions of ETs, and clandestine efforts by different government agencies to respond to the ET presence. Many of these popular conspiracy theories are often inconsistent in terms of the intentions, activities and impact of the ETs and of the clandestine government organizations created to respond to the ET presence. These conspiracy theories span the spectrum from a belligerent desire by ETs to deprive humanity of its sovereign control of the planet, to a benevolent desire to help humanity solve its myriad social, economic, and environmental problems; and evolve as a species. As far as the involvement of clandestine government agencies are concerned, conspiracy theories range from non-elected government officials intent on arrogating political power through a 'shadow government', to an enlightened effort to gradually prepare the general public for the startling truth concerning the ET presence.

This Research Study is the culmination of two years research into popular conspiracy theories of an extraterrestrial presence, clandestine government efforts to keep this information from the public realm; and of the policy implications for elected officials and the general public. The Study reviews the different primary sources supporting an extraterrestrial presence; the main conspiracy theories or 'ET perspectives' that are generated by these sources; the main proponents of the different 'perspectives'; the moral orientation of the respective ET elements found in each perspective; analyzes the implications for policy makers and the general public; and finally make a number of policy recommendations that support the need for exopolitics and which advance global peace.

About the Author

Dr. Michael E. Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service, American University, Washington DC (1996-2001), and the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96). He taught as an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, Washington DC., in 2002. He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace (2001-2003) and directing the Center's Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment. He has a PhD in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002) and author/co-editor of three other books: Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended (Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West (1993). He has authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka. He has organized a number of international workshops involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. Further biographical material is on his website at www.american.edu/salla/ .

The Need for Exopolitics:
Implications for Policy Makers and Global Peace



According to a September 2002 Roper poll, two thirds of US citizens don’t believe their government is disclosing the truth about an Extra-Terrestrial (ET) presence over the last fifty years in the USA, and 60% supported the Federal government releasing this information.[2] In a May 2001 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC., twenty ‘whistle blowers’ from a pool of more than one hundred former US military, government and aviation officials gave verbal testimony and provided physical evidence on their participation in clandestine government projects involving reverse engineering of ET technology, collaborative projects with ETs or suppression of information involving UFO’s.[3] The television mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg, Taken, was seen at least in part by 31 million US viewers in the sixteen day period from its first episode on December 2, 2002, and has stimulated speculation that the public is being prepared for official government disclosure on the ET presence in the near future.[4]

The history of the ET presence has generated numerous books, films, articles, web sites and conspiracy theories on the various activities and intentions of ETs, and clandestine efforts by different governments to respond to the ET presence. Many of the popular conspiracy theories that emerge out of the growing literature on the ET presence are often inconsistent in terms of the intentions, activities and impact of the ETs and of the clandestine government organizations created to respond to the ET presence. These conspiracy theories span the spectrum from a belligerent desire by ETs to deprive humanity of its sovereign control of the planet, to a benevolent desire to help humanity solve its myriad social, economic, and environmental problems; and evolve as a species. As far as the involvement of clandestine government organizations are concerned, conspiracy theories range from non-elected government officials intent on arrogating political power through a ‘shadow government’, to an enlightened effort to prepare the general public for the startling truth concerning the ET presence.

The intentions and activities of ETs and of clandestine government organizations created to interface with ETs, if both are found to be true, has important implications for how elected government officials and the general public ought to respond to the whole ET phenomenon as a political challenge with a range of policy options. This becomes especially important with the increasing likelihood that official government disclosure of an ET presence will instantly catapult the topic from the shadowy world of conspiracy theories, alternative science, and New Age philosophy, to mainstream public policy. Such disclosure will lead to the birth of a new field of public policy, ‘exopolitics’, which can be defined as the policy debate over the choices governments and populations need to make in formulating and implementing legislative and policy responses to the presence of ETs in human affairs.

Rather than leaving serious study of this new field of public policy to a hypothetical post-disclosure world, this book advocates that the majority of public opinion supporting disclosure of government information on ETs; the expanding literature on the ET presence; and the quality of evidence substantiating an ET presence, indicates that exopolitics is already a part of the political landscape. There is a need to outline the main concepts, theories and information sources used in exopolitics as an emerging field of public policy. This will assist both the general public wishing to familiarize themselves with the various policy issues associated with the ET presence, and undisclosed ‘specialists’ who have information on a particular aspect of the ET presence (typically on a ‘need to know basis’), but lack the breadth and holistic vision of what is occurring in the entire spectrum of activities concerning the ET presence.

In this paper, I will review the primary sources supporting an ET presence; the main conspiracy theories or ‘perspectives’ that are generated by these sources; the main advocates of the different ‘perspectives’; the supporting evidence for each perspective, the moral orientation of the respective ET elements found in each perspective; and analyze the implications for policy makers and the general public for those perspectives most supported by the evidence. I conclude the paper with a number of policy recommendations that support the need for exopolitics as a field of study.
Sources of Information

The literature on the ET presence comes from a diverse number of sources that differ greatly in terms of their reliability, accuracy, and scholarly standards. Virtually all of these sources operate within the political context of an official government policy that denies any ET presence or a systematic cover up of such a presence by clandestine government organizations. An extensive discussion of the history of the UFO/ET phenomenon has been conducted by authors such as Richard Dolan who discusses how the cover up has become part of the ‘national security foundations of the ET presence in the US and around the globe.[5]

The existence of such an official ‘cover up’ adds to the difficulty of studying the claimed ET presence and accuracy of sources supporting the various perspectives on such a presence since official non-disclosure suggests either wholesale misrepresentation or deception by those supporting such perspectives, or a covert government program designed to keep this information from elected public officials and from the general public. If the latter is indeed the case, which the evidence to be presented in this paper indicates, then it is clear that the study of exopolitics will be compounded by officially sponsored acts of disinformation, official denial, and even intimidation by clandestine government organizations.

Another of the key approaches by military/intelligence organizations is that of ‘disinformation’ whereby investigators of the ET/UFO presence are thrown off track by public officials who release distorted or false information. Disinformation, in the sense of information that has a factual core, is presented or ‘spun’ in a way that steers individuals away from sensitive issues and towards those areas that might distract or consume the energy and resources of others. For example, the famous ‘Eisenhower briefing document’, based on what may have been a factual briefing on the ET presence, has been claimed by some to be clever disinformation designed to divide and distract researchers of the ET presence.[6]
There have been testimonies by former military/intelligence whistleblowers that parts of their official duties were to hide, tamper or destroy  evidence associated with an ET presence.[7] Among these former officials is John Maynard, a military intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency who served in the US military for 21 years. Maynard revealed the following in an exclusive interview in October 2001:
I became involved [in UFOs] while overseas in Germany, Turkey and Korea. These areas were not noted for a lot of UFO activity. I was primarily afforded the opportunity to investigate peripherally a few incidents and implement disinformation or misinformation programs to divert attention away from the military and toward the paranormal and/or UFO [followers] in those areas. However, a point I never revealed to the military, was that my grandmother brought me up believing that UFOs existed.

Regardless of that point, I was still a staunch conservative (politically) and placed my military duties ahead of my beliefs. I had a 'country, duty, and honor'-type attitude. I believed that because of my dedication, and what appeared to be naivety on my part, my military superiors did not question my actions when it came to debunking UFO sightings. However, I became very intrigued as to why UFOs were not to become public knowledge and, that they (the government) preferred that any UFO information for public consumption stay in the realm of the paranormal and/or the unreliable UFO resources.

It took me several years to figure out that this blatant disregard for public opinion was a plan designed to keep and maintain the pressure of proof on certain elements of our society. The plan was basically to place the burden of proof on the UFO researchers and to steer the public away from the military organizations that were directly involved in UFO research. In this plan I deduced that the military was using the media to keep these UFO researchers from making too much of the issue by having the media brand them as kooks, weird, paranoid and unbelievable; better yet, by having people who go around chasing after shadows in a belief that UFOs are real and the government is hiding something. To date, this plan has worked well above average, and the general public still has an opinion that follows what ever the media tells them.[8]

Another of the key approaches by military/intelligence organizations is that of intimidation which has existed since the beginning of the cover-up of the ET presence and can be dated to the mysterious death of a former US Secretary of Defense. A possible high profile victim of intimidation designed to maintain secrecy around the ET presence has been argued to be James Forrestal, the Secretary of Defense under President Truman.[9] Forrestal suffered a nervous breakdown in 1948 after complaining of being shadowed by ‘foreign looking men’ whose description was similar to the now famous ‘Men in Black’ later to play a prominent role in intimidating ET/UFO witnesses.[10] Truman announced that he would dismiss Forrestal in January 1949. After formally leaving his position in March, events unfolded quickly and by May 22, Forrestal was found dead after allegedly jumping from his 16th floor VIP suite at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Events surrounding Forrestal’s suicide included significant security lapses that have long fuelled speculation that Forrestal was murdered by a powerful organization that could easily penetrate the secure Bethesda Naval hospital. A number of prominent government and military officials insist that Forrestal was murdered because he desired to reveal the truth about the ET presence.[11]

If disinformation and intimidation are but two aspects of a series of ‘official’ policies and practices to maintain secrecy of the ET presence, then this raises important questions about how to confirm the accuracy and verifiability of sources supporting the ET presence. Highly credible witness testimonies may be undermined by key documents or records going missing that substantiate the credibility and/or claims of witnesses and/or government/military officials. On the other hand, it cannot be simply assumed that testimonies and documents concerning the ET presence are factual reports by independent witnesses/former government employees or accurate documents. Such reports may in cases be part of an officially sanctioned program of ‘disinformation’ designed to distract public opinion in whole or in part from the truth about the ET presence.

I will now begin by describing the main sources supporting the ET presence, and which provide the content of the different ET perspectives to be outlined later in this paper. These sources will be grouped together in terms of seven categories, and these categories will be presented in the order that would appear most persuasive for the critical reader in a pre-disclosure political environment. These sources will be assigned a ranking in terms of evidentiary strength somewhere in the range: Strong-Moderate-Weak. In developing these rankings, I use as guide the reasoning that would be used by a jury in a court of law in sifting through the available evidence on a particular case. The emphasis is on identifying the strongest evidence and reaching a verdict on the plausibility of this in determining guilt or innocence. The rankings are not used to dismiss the relevance of the evidence of an ET presence provided by different sources, but solely to determine what evidence provides the strongest support for an ET presence in the minds of the general public and interested public officials. These rankings will subsequently be used in analyzing the political relevance of different issues relevant to the ET presence that will be examined in later chapters.


Category A - Whistle Blowers

The first category of sources of information on an ET presence are reports and testimonies of former government or military officials, and/or civilian aviation personnel who have had first hand experience of UFOs and/or evidence of the ET presence. The most famous UFO incident in the US is the reported crash of an ET occupied saucer shaped craft in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The initial finding of the Army Intelligence officer sent to the site, Major Jesse Marcel, was that debris from the crash was that of a ‘flying disk’. The information officer at the Roswell Army Airbase then authorized a press release on the morning of July 8.[12] This immediately caused worldwide headlines and after Major Marcel was ordered to Washington, DC., Brigadier-General Roger Ramey announced to the world press that Major Marcel was mistaken and the ‘flying disc’ was an experimental weather balloon. In a subsequent interview years after the incident that boosted claims of a government conspiracy to cover up what happened at Roswell, Major Marcel asserted that he was silenced by superiors, and said, “It was not anything from this Earth. That I’m quite sure of ... Being in intelligence, I was familiar with all materials used in aircraft and in air travel. This was nothing like this. It could not have been.”[13]

Over the last five decades since the Roswell crash, there has been a slow but steady stream of former government or military officials willing to come forth and reveal information about the ET presence. It should be pointed out that these former officials have usually taken secrecy oaths not to reveal information about their former duties and run the risk of considerable financial or criminal penalties for violating their oaths, as well as risking reputations and friendships developed over the years of their official service. In the case of the US military, the relevant oath is called the “Oath upon Inadvertent Exposure to Classified Security Data or Information,” and James Goodell, a former Air Force officer, describes the consequences of taking this oath:

… you sign away your constitutional rights. You sign a piece of paper saying that if you violate your security agreement … without a trial, without the right of appeal, you’re going to go to the Leavenworth federal penitentiary for twenty years. That’s a real big incentive to keep your mouth shut.[14]

A prominent whistle blower recently revealing his official activities involving the ET presence is a former senior Pentagon official, Colonel Philip Corso (ret), who served in the Eisenhower Administration and later headed the Foreign Technology Desk in the Army’s Research and Development department. After more than thirty years of silence, Colonel Corso publicly revealed in his 1997 book, The Day After Roswell, that he led a top secret clandestine project to reverse engineer ET technology recovered from the Roswell crash.[15] He wrote that his project successfully released a number of these reverse engineered ET technologies for both the military and civilian sectors. Companies that benefited from this clandestine project included IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs, and Dow Corning.  Corso claims that the rapid technological advances over the last 50 years, in fiber optics, integrated circuit chips, night-vision equipment, and super tenacity fibers such as Kevlar body armor, were a direct result of these clandestine projects.

Despite repeated denials of secret government programs to reverse engineer the ET technology recovered at Roswell and other crash scenes, sustained government efforts at suppression of the ET presence continue to be compromised by the disclosure of former military, government and aviation officials that they have participated in these clandestine projects and/or witnessed UFO’s and/or even ETs. Dr Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the official secrecy of the ET presence, introduced a select number of these witnesses to the press and general public at a May 2001 Press Conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Dr Greer has altogether gathered the testimonies of more than 100 witnesses on tape and video format and made these available for the general public and for a congressional inquiry.[16]  One of the more revealing testimonies is that from former Apollo Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell:

… when I learned that aliens really do exist, I wasn’t too surprised. But what did shock me when I started investigating extra-terrestrial reports a decade ago is the extent to which the proof has been hushed up. It isn’t just the US government which has kept quiet about alien visits. It would be arrogant of an American like myself to assume that ETs would only choose to visit my country. Indeed, I’ve heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits – including the British government.[17]

As a source of information on an ET presence, former government, military and aviation officials have high credibility due to the activities they performed as a part of their official positions. The financial and legal penalties these former officials risk in violating their secrecy oaths, and the possible damage to their reputations and friendships, suggest individuals with high integrity that are disturbed over continued non-disclosure of the ET presence and a hidden government conspiracy to cover this up through a campaign of intimidation, disinformation and secrecy. In a court of law, ‘whistleblower’ testimonies are very powerful and can alone succeed in determining guilt or innocence even when no physical evidence can be produced. In conclusion, this category of information can be ranked as ‘strong’ due to the verifiable credentials  of those claiming to have first hand experience of an ET presence, the coherence of their testimonies, and their overall number.


Category B – Abductions/Contacts

Much of the information deriving from individuals claiming to have been abducted/contacted by ET craft has come through the pioneering work of the Budd Hopkins, Dr David Jacobs and Dr John Mack, in treating individuals apparently suffering the effects of such visitations.[18] These reports have grown in number and typically focus on an experience which has surprising uniformity where individuals claim to have been abducted and undergone a series of medical procedures by one or more ET races. Using a variety of therapeutic tools, including hypnosis, Dr Mack found surprising consistency in the disparate and unrelated cases he examined which he outlined in his first book:

Each of the thirteen people whose cases are described in this book – indeed, each of the seventy-six abductees with whom I have worked – tells a unique story. The individual differences can probably be accounted for on the basis of the diverse personalities of the experiencers and the varieties of circumstances within the abductions themselves. But what I have found to be so extraordinary from the beginning of my study has been the readily identifiable patterns that emerge when the case narratives are examined carefully.[19]

Mack has published his findings in a number of books and scholarly journals, which  subsequently became the topic of a popular film. In 1995, Mack co-hosted a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that featured a number of scholarly presentations of the ‘abduction phenomenon’ and its significance for humanity.[20] The growing number of abduction cases has led to this category rising in importance as a credible source of evidence for an ET presence. Estimates of the number of abductions in the US go as high as several million signifying a huge database of potential information on the ET presence. This database is continuously being refined as researchers develop the analytical tools and therapeutic techniques for adequately dealing with abduction/contact cases.

Overall, the second category of information is distinguished by the coherence and consistency of the disparate abduction reports and evidence gathered of an ET presence. The researchers and collators of this information are highly credentialed in the use of psychological techniques, and have pioneered rigorous standards for assessing the evidence. In a court of law, such testimonies would be very persuasive due to their consistency and coherence. This source category will hence be ranked, strong.


Category C – Witness/Sightings Reports

The third category of information sources on an ET presence are the testimonies of those who have witnessed ETs/UFOs. These form the bulk of the available literature on the ET presence, and are often accompanied by physical evidence in terms of photographs, radar images, videos, or even ET artifacts. Sightings of UFOs/ETs from shortly after the Second World War were so overwhelming in their frequency and scope that the US Air force launched three consecutive inquiries of these that were designated Operation Sign (1947-48); Operation Grudge (1948-52); and Operation Blue Book (1952-69).[21]  Project Blue Book dismissed the overwhelming mass of the evidence given in 12,618 sightings as misidentified aircraft or explainable by natural causes, and left a relatively small proportion of cases, 701, as "unidentified". An independent assessment by the University of Colorado, the Condon Report, recommended terminating Project Blue Book.[22] Rather than ending the matter of UFO visitation this only generated more controversy over what many argued to be the Chairman’s bias in ignoring important evidence and recommending termination of the Project.[23] For many, the Condon report was yet another instance of a cleverly orchestrated secret government conspiracy to hide the truth from the American public.

Despite the controversy over termination of the most well known official inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, new witness reports continued to stream in adding to the already impressive amount of material supporting an ET presence. Prominent among those dissatisfied with the termination of Project Blue Book and desiring a more thorough and transparent inquiry was Dr Allen Hynek.[24]  Dr Hynek, a prominent astronomer, served as the Astronomical consultant on projects Grudge and Blue Book between 1949-69; and began as a prominent debunker of what he disparaged as the “‘psychological postwar craze’ for flying saucers that seemed to be sweeping the country and at the naiveté and gullibility of our fellow human beings who were being taken in by such obvious ‘nonsense’.”[25] He subsequently became a powerful advocate of the credibility of the evidence supporting an ET presence; and gave interviews, wrote extensively, and organized scholarly research of the UFO phenomenon as Director of the Center for UFO studies.[26]

An initiative funded by Laurence Rockefeller in the early 1990s resulted in a report that was distributed to the US Congress and to policy makers around the world, and was subsequently published as the UFO Briefing Document: Best Available Evidence.[27] This was a compilation of the best sightings cases that could be used to compel governments to fully disclose all information on UFOs/ETs. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project was also very significant in compiling witness testimonies concerning UFOs/ETs.[28] Organizations such as the Mutual UFO Network continue to maintain a popular website, hold annual meetings with the most recent evidence on sightings, and sponsors discussion of developments in the field of UFO investigation.[29]

Overall, the third category of information is distinguished by the coherence and consistency of the disparate witness reports and evidence gathered of an ET/UFO presence. The researchers and collators of this information are highly credentialed and typically use rigorously developed scientific standards in assessing the evidence. While this category provides strong evidence of the existence of UFOs as aircraft surpassing the capabilities of publicly known aircraft, there is genuine debate whether these are genuine ET piloted craft or top secret military vehicles. In a court of law, such testimonies would be very persuasive of UFOs but would lead to some uncertainty over the extent of ET involvement. This source category will hence be ranked, strong-moderate.


Category D – Documentary Evidence

In the 1980s a number of documents began to be ‘leaked’ to UFO investigators that provided remarkable documentary support for the existence of ETs and government efforts to respond to the ET presence. These ‘leaked’ documents covered such topics as President Truman’s executive order establishing a top secret committee to coordinate ET affairs, composition of the policy coordinating group established by Truman – Majestic 12; a briefing document to President Eisenhower; reports by a secret ‘Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit’ embedded in Army Intelligence; and a report by Albert Einstein and Max Oppenheimer on relations with ET races.[30] Ever since their appearance the Majestic documents have aroused great controversy. Well known critic Phillip Klass declared: “Either [the documents] are the biggest news story of the past two millennia or one of the biggest cons ever attempted against the public.”[31]

Another source of documentary evidence on ET/UFO related issues concerns previously classified documents gained through a variety of individuals gaining access to government/military departments through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The most extensive collection of previously classified documents gained through FOIA requests is the Black Vault which is an online website started by John Greenewald, Jr. in 1996.[32] The database has extensive information on a range of projects that are of interest to researchers of the ET presence. However, the most sensitive information on the ET presence is not released through the FOIA process due to the exemption that exists for de-classification of documents that have national security implications. A federal judge can simply uphold the right of the relevant agency to not release the information that fall under one of the nine exemptions that related to declassification of classified documents; these include: national defense or foreign policy, privacy of individuals, proprietary interests of business, and functioning of the government.
In sum the documentary evidence available for substantiating a range of issues, projects and events concerning the ET presence is limited in scope and detail, and only relates to declassified documents that a Federal judge would deem not to sufficient national security implications to warrant their exclusion from FOIA. Furthermore, it cannot be discounted that released documents may in some cases be part of a coordinated disinformation strategy designed to mislead researchers of the ET presence. Leaked documents obtained outside of the FOIA process raise important questions about their legitimacy and accuracy, but nevertheless contain a wealth of information from classified documents that, if genuine, previously held the highest security classification of ‘top secret’.  In sum, the role of public officials responsible for ET affairs in releasing documents either through FOIA or ‘leaking’ suggests raises the possibility of disinformation in the timing and significance of different documents. Consequently, this category can be given an evidentiary ranking slightly below the first two examined thus far. A strong-moderate ranking is therefore assigned to this category.


Category E - Remote Viewing

The fifth category of sources comes from participants in Remote Viewing projects. Remote Viewing is an intelligence gathering technique that was the subject of several government-funded projects organized at the Stanford Research Institute from the early 1970's to 1989.[33] These projects were initiated as a result of a study of psychic techniques used by the Soviet Union and its satellite states. According to Shiela Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, authors of a 1970 book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, The United States was lagging well behind the Soviets in the use of these psychic techniques for such activities as intelligence gathering. Indeed, the psychic techniques used by Nazi Germany in communicating with ET races was instrumental in giving it a technological edge on both the West and the Soviet Union. Confirmation of a remote viewing program came in September 1997 with an official CIA response to an FOIA request from John Greenewald for information on the CIA’s and US military’s remote viewing program and use of psychics:
As you may already know, Project Star Gate was one specific, rather short-lived, program that dealt with research into the parapsychological phenomenon known as "remote viewing." However, during recent years we have come to use "Star Gate" as a rubric for a series of CIA and U.S. Military remote viewing research projects. All records related to your second item, "all documents related to remote viewing and the use of psychics in DoD Operations" are included in the Star Gate collection described below. The projects discussed herein are defunct; today CIA does not fund remote viewing research.[34]

In the US, Remote Viewing was pioneered by researchers Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff who trained remove viewers to spatially dislocate a part of their consciousness to designated locations, unknown to the remote viewers, in order to gain intelligence information.[35]  Remote viewers were simply given a set of coordinates consisting of randomly generated numerical codes, and instructed to report on what they observed. The apparent success of these projects as an intelligence gathering tool on an ET presence and other topics of interest to various intelligence agencies, led to numerous individuals being trained in the rigorous standards and protocols of this process. A number of these remote viewers subsequently wrote of their experiences in observing the ET presence, and began training others in this process. Among the more prominent of these has been Dr Courtney Brown who has written two popular books on Remote Viewing that focus on the ET presence, and is attempting with many others to develop Remote Viewing as a scientifically credible intelligence-gathering tool.[36] The information on ETs gathered by remote viewers is often quite startling in its implications. For instance, Brown describes remnants of a Martian civilization and the relationship with Earth: “There are Martians on Earth but one must think clearly about the implications of this before ringing the alarm bell. These Martians are desperate. Apparently they have very crude living quarters on Mars. They cannot live on the surface. Their children have no future on their home world. Their home is destroyed; it is a planet of dust.”[37] Perhaps more significantly, remote viewers described a federation of worlds responsible for controlling evolving planets such as Earth. In various sessions, remote viewers described the nature of headquarters of this Federation, and the ways that these ET races influenced behavior.[38]

Given the novelty and relatively recent emergence of Remote Viewing as an intelligence gathering tool that has a plausible, though controversial, scientific foundation, in ‘psychic research’ this category of information may be ranked below the first two in terms of reliability and objectivity. The relationship and history of remote viewing in terms of psychic research certainly places itself outside of mainstream expectations of reliable and credible information on the ET presence. The quality and credentials of remote viewers might impress a jury in a court of law, but testimony provided by remote viewers would be insufficient on its own to determine guilt or innocence in a case. While the information provided by remote viewers has been consistently shown to have high degrees of accuracy, the degree of subjectivity involved places this category of evidence slightly below ‘witness’ or ‘whistleblower’ testimonies. Remote Viewing can therefore be assigned an evidentiary ranking of moderate.


Category F - Independent Archeology

A sixth category of sources is the work of archeologists who specialize in translating or interpreting archeological evidence of an historic ET presence. Often led by ‘independent archeologists’ who operate outside of mainstream archeology based in public institutions and universities, the  theories and translations of the extensive public archives and monuments from the ancient world offered by these independent archeologists, continue to attract world wide audiences. Among the more publicly prominent is Erich von Daniken, whose Chariots of the Gods became a phenomenal best seller when published in 1969.[39] Another best selling author is Graham Hancock, whose Fingerprints of the Gods, proved to be hugely popular with its speculative theories based on forgotten ancient civilizations and astronomical pointers to the homes of distant ET ancestors.[40]  Another, perhaps less prominent but no less controversial example is the Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin who translated thousands of ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts that described an ancient ET presence on the planet.[41] Sitchin describes his controversial approach to translating Sumerian and other ancient biblical texts in the prologue to his first book published in 1976:

The Old Testament has filled my life from childhood. When the seed for this book was planted, nearly fifty years ago, I was totally unaware of the then raging Evolution versus Bible debates. But as a young schoolboy studying Genesis in its original Hebrew, I created a confrontation of my own. We were reading one day in Chapter VI that when God resolved to destroy Mankind by the Great Flood, the “sons of the deities,” who married the daughters of men, were upon the Earth. The Hebrew original named them, Nefilim; the teacher explained it meant “giants”; but I objected: didn’t’ it mean literally  “Those Who Were Cast Down,” who had descended to Earth? I was reprimanded and told to accept the traditional interpretation. In the ensuing years, as I have learned the languages and history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, the Nefilim became an obsession. Archaeological finds and the deciphering of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and other ancient texts and epic tales increasingly confirmed the accuracy of the biblical references to the kingdoms, cities, rulers, places, temples, trade routes, artifacts, tools and customs of antiquity. Is it not now time, therefore, to accept the word of these same ancient records regarding the Nefilim as visitors to Earth from the heavens?[42]

While formerly independent, Sitchin and other authors in this category typically produce high quality works that continue to generate controversy among mainstream archeologists. The controversy and subjectivity surrounding these debates of the archeological evidence of an ancient ET presence and accurate translations of ancient texts, requires a low ranking to this category of information. In a court of law, such evidence might be deemed helpful in uncovering the context or background to a phenomenon, but would hardly be conclusive. Therefore, evidence in this category will be assigned a ranking of weak-moderate.                                   


Category G - Channeling
The seventh and most controversial sources of information on an ET presence are the works of those claiming to be in telepathic communication with different ET races. A majority of these ‘channels’ have few academic or professional credentials, yet this has not impeded them from gaining international prominence as leaders or spokespersons in the Alternative/New Age movement. In something akin to a burgeoning social movement with global reach and accompany religious devotion, many hundreds of thousands if not millions of supporters attest to the transformative effect of these messages from ETs, and liberating value of these messages for all humanity. In the foreword to one of the highly popular books by the ‘channel’ Barbara Marciniak, her sister writes:

For over ten years a group of multidimensional beings – who call themselves the Pleiadians – have blended and merged their energies with my sister Barbara, creating a unique and engaging relationship. The infusion of the Pleiadian energy into Barbara’s life, my life, and the lives of countless others has been marked by change. In addition, with the success of the Pleiadians’ first two books … Barbara and I found ourselves overwhelmed at times by the abundance of mail we received… The Pleiadians say Family of Light [humans committed to transformational change] are systems busters [emphasis added] who travel through time to systems in need of change, helping to facilitate the collapse of these systems.[43]

Marciniak and most of these ‘channels’ support the idea that an ET presence has existed on the planet for millennia, and that there exists an officially sanctioned government conspiracy that is global in its reach to keep this presence secret from the general public. The testimony of channels in a court of law would be obviously controversial and not likely to be conclusive in any way. Nevertheless, the overwhelming evidence suggesting that ET races do communicate with humans through telepathic exchanges, suggest the importance of not excluding this body of evidence. In terms of the evidentiary standards for information sources, due to the highly subjective nature of channeled material, this category can be assigned the low ranking of weak. This ranking does not dismiss the relevance of this information, but solely acknowledges the difficulty of verifying and analyzing such a form of communication for the development of public policy, and responding to the challenges presented by non-disclosure of the ET presence by various government officials.

In sum, the sources of information on an ET presence differ widely in terms of: academic and professional credentials of those making such a case; the physical evidence provided; the subjectivity of those interpreting or providing the evidence; the coherence and consistency of testimonies concerning an ET presence; the intentions and activities of ETs, and their moral orientation which typically falls somewhere along the range, benevolent-neutral-malevolent. What follows is an attempt to analyze these different sources of information and the conspiracy theories they generate in terms of four main perspectives on an ET presence. Each of these perspectives will be analyzed in terms of its main themes, principal supporters, evidentiary strength, and moral orientation ascribed to the ET presence.


Intruder Perspective

In the ‘Intruder perspective’, ETs are depicted as off-world beings that have traveled great interstellar distances and, without announcing themselves or gaining permission, have repeatedly violated US air space and abducted citizens for genetic experiments for purposes yet to be fully determined. In a popular 1987 book by Budd Hopkins  titled simply, Intruders, he supports the idea of ETs being intrusive in their manner of collecting and experimenting with genetic material taken from abductees.[44] A rather bellicose presentation of the Intruder perspective is made by Col Philip Corso who describes the ETs as repeatedly violating US airspace, abducting US citizen’s for the extraction and manipulation of  genetic material and having purposes that pose a direct threat to US national interests. Col Corso advocates that the US needs to use the recovered ET technology for building a new generation of weapons capable of shooting down ETs anywhere around the planet. Indeed, he claims that over the years the US has been very successful in using this reverse engineered technology to shoot down some of these ET craft, but more effort and resources need to be committed for a comprehensive global defensive shield.  Testimony provided by witnesses in the Disclosure Project support Corso’s view that such a clandestine operation targeting ET flights has been underway for some time, however they depict the ETs as not retaliating to these hostile actions by US military forces.[45]

Another supporter of the intruder perspective and its negative implications is Dr David Jacobs whose book, The Threat, depicts the ET presence in the following terms:

I do not like what I see. For the first time in over thirty years of researching the UFO phenomenon, I am frightened of it. Understanding has not led to a feeling of contribution or accomplishment. Rather, it has led to profound apprehension for the future. The abduction phenomenon is far more ominous than I had thought. Optimism is not the appropriate response to the evidence, all of which strongly suggests that the alien agenda is primarily beneficial for them and not for us.[46]
In contrast, Dr John Mack, who also adopts the intruder perspective, describes the ET presence in more morally positive terms. He views these intruder ETs as often being catalysts for transformational personal changes experienced by abductees as a result of their profound interaction with ETs.[47]
Mack finds that abductees often become committed to a number of progressive global causes that give value and meaning to their lives. Protecting the global environment, reducing the use of nuclear weapons and other destructive technologies, and peaceful forms of conflict management appear as consistent themes in the ET-abductee interaction according to Mack. Elaborating on this ‘transformational’ aspect of the human abductee/contactee, Dr Richard Boylan writes on the basis of his ‘dialogue’ with such individuals:

One of the more common effects, in those Experiencers who have had competent debriefing and counseling, is a sense of altered and heightened conscious. Along with that goes the felt need to begin "cleaning up one's act" in respect to practices which are at variance with higher consciousness. Some experiencers feel drawn towards a vegetarian lifestyle, while other experiencers have felt an imperative to get rid of habits which interfere with their full awareness and consciousness. These have included jettisoning tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, caffeinated coffee, free sugar, and other consciousness-changing substances from their diets. I have humorously complained about being turned into a "Zen monk" by the ETs. But the truth is that I have voluntarily made these changes, because they feel better and the old habits repel me now.[48]

The ETs described by abductees and those allegedly recovered from downed UFO’s are commonly described as being approximately four feet tall, with a gray complexion (hence the name ‘Grays’), with a large head disproportionate to its small thin and wiry body, with large almond-shaped eyes, a very small mouth, and no organs for sexual reproduction.[49] Confirmation of such reports comes from an interview with a former Army/CIA officer who described a live Grey ET seen at a secret military facility: “He had the large head and bigger eyes, kind of slanted bigger eyes. He looked like he was wearing sunglasses because the lenses were real dark. He had kind of a slim face down to a peaked chin with just a little nose area, a tiny slit of a mouth and just holes in the side of his head for ear openings.”[50] The ‘Grays’ home star system is commonly reported as Zeta Reticulum, in the constellation of Orion. Some former officials and/or employees involved in clandestine government military projects report to have seen live ETs at various military bases. Michael Wolf, a former member of a National Security Council committee that oversaw the ET presence, claimed that he "met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living quarters with them."[51]

The reports of joint ET-human bases give credence to reports that a treaty was signed as early as 1954, during the Eisenhower administration, granting rights to ETs to establish joint bases for technological sharing on US soil, and placing strict limits on the biological experimentation the Grays were conducting with US citizens. The existence of such a treaty between the Eisenhower administration and an ET race has been disclosed by a number of government/military ‘whistleblowers’.[52] William Cooper was part of a Naval Intelligence briefing team for the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, narrates the events surrounding this Treaty from classified documents he claims to have read as part of his official duties:

[I]n 1954 the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist. President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty between the Alien Nation and the United States of America was signed.[53] 
Alluding to a treaty signed by the Eisenhower administration, Col Phillip Corso, a highly decorated officer that served in Eisenhower’s National Security Council wrote: “We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them as long as we couldn’t fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure.”[54]  Another whistleblower to elaborate on this treaty was Phil Schneider, a civil engineer who had worked on the construction of secret underground facilities, and who was found dead seven months after giving a lecture in May 1995 with the following information:
Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all.[55]

Former officials involved in clandestine projects run by different government agencies, claim that the Grays communicate through telepathic thought exchange, and use thought to activate the advanced technology and navigation instruments of their space craft.[56] Based on interviews with a range of ET witnesses, contactees and military/intelligence personnel, Dr Richard Boylan explains the telepathic communication used by ET races and its relationship to the psychological trauma often associated with ET encounters:

Because extraterrestrial encounters often involve the sudden appearance of one or more extraterrestrials without warning in an unexpected location, such as one's bedroom at night, their appearance can feel, at first, like an invasion. The extraterrestrials' use of mental telepathy, and their facility for reading one's thoughts and the contents of one's mind, can feel, to the previously traumatized person, like an old, familiar, and unwelcome intrusion into what is in our culture one's private space. Here we have the clash of two cultures, polar opposite in their assumptions. In human culture, (Western modern industrial culture, anyway,) the assumption is that one's thoughts and living space are private, because individualism is prized. In extraterrestrial cultures researched thus far, it appears that living space and thoughts are inevitably shared, because of the automatic, two-way nature of the mutual telepathic ability of all members of their society. They live in a shared mind-field "commons".[57]

Dr John Mack, in his evaluation of patients exhibiting symptoms of ET abduction, claims that many of these communicated through telepathy with the Grays.[58] In reports on the content of the telepathic communication with the Grays, abductees/contactees have reported that the Grays’ survival as a species is threatened due to genetic degradation as a result of the repeated use of cloning for reproductive purposes. The Grays say they need to create a hybrid race that integrates the human and Gray genes in order for the continuation of their species. It is claimed that with the creation of this hybrid race, the Grays will somehow be able to transfer their ‘essence’ or ‘consciousness’ as individuals into the hybrid thereby perpetuating the continuation of their race.[59] The idea that telepathy is the standard communication means of ETs gives plausibility to the claims of numerous civilian sources that they have been contacted by ETs and conducted telepathic communication with them. This is especially important with information given by ‘channelers who claim to be in communication with different ET races.

In sum, the ‘Intruder perspective’ describes the intentions, abduction activities, genetic experiments, violations of US and allied airspace, and advanced technology of ETs as intrusive. The moral categories used to describe the Gray intruders are unclear since while their activities are clearly described as intrusive and suspicion over their ultimate agenda exists as advocated by authors such as Philip Corso and David Jacobs, there appears to be few, if any, hostile actions taken against military forces around the globe, or the civilian population taken aboard and later released from Gray ETVs (Extraterrestrial Vehicles). Indeed, accounts by John Mack and Richard Boylan suggest that the transformational changes brought about in individuals makes the ‘abduction/contact’ phenomenon a positive one for many if not most individuals.

The main focus for conspiracy theorists in this perspective are clandestine government agencies desiring to withhold the truth of the ET presence from the general public. The sources of information for this perspective are drawn from all seven evidentiary categories described earlier. Of these, the Whistleblower category stand out as the most compelling due to the integrity, credibility and coherence of expert testimonies. The growing number of abduction cases and their analysis also provide strong evidentiary support for this perspective. Witness and Documentary sources also provide strong-moderate evidentiary support. Given the strong evidentiary rankings ascribed to these first two categories, conspiracy theories surrounding the Intruder perspective can be judged to have strong evidentiary support.


Manipulator Perspective

This perspective covers conspiracy theories suggesting that an advanced race of ETs with enhanced psychic abilities and superior technology, has been either overtly controlling or covertly manipulating humanity ever since the first human presence on the planet.  Elaborating on this theme of ET ‘manipulation’, Bill Cooper writes: “[t]hroughout our history the Aliens have manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies, religion, magic, witchcraft, and the occult.”[60] It is claimed that these ETs played a direct role in creating the human species as a sources of slave labor, and therefore feel entitled and even responsible for guiding/controlling the human race either overtly by direct control or covertly through human proxies. According to the William Bramley,
… the human race was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep control over its possession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilizatation (“Custodians) has bred never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has lasted for thousands of years and it continues today.[61]

One of the most widely cited scholarly sources for conspiracy theorists falling into this perspective is the Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin.[62] In his translations of thousands of Sumerian cuneiform texts, Sitchin describes how an ancient ET race, described by the Sumerians as the Anunnaki or as the Nephilim in the Old Testament, created humanity by genetic engineering. Mixing their own DNA with that of the primates then existing on Earth, the Anunnaki created humanity in order to exploit it as a slave race and a natural resource for the Anunnaki. There were, however, violent disputes between different factions of the Anunnaki that resulted in much regional destruction and decimation of the captive human population. Sitchin claimed that these are the same beings variously described in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch; and that biblical stories of the Elohim, rebel angels and the Serpent, referred to the conflict between different factions of the Anunnaki over how to manage humanity.[63] There were apparently two distinct races among the Anunnaki, one a humanoid race of giants, while the second was a non-human race that was ‘serpent-like’ in appearance which has given rise to the more popular term for this race, ‘Reptilian’. The author, R.A. Boulay, has extensively analyzed a variety of historic sources and argued that there is sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that an ancient ET race of Reptilians inhabited the Earth and played a role in the creation of humanity.[64]

Sitchin describes these ET races as having overt control of the human population for millennia, but then largely disappearing from the scene approximately 4000 years ago after an intense factional battle between them. Presumably, the bulk of the Anunnaki left the scene believing it was no longer necessary to exercise direct rule over a humanity that was ready for self-rule. However, a rebel cohort that disagreed, remained behind intent on secretly monitoring and influencing human affairs from deep underground ET bases to demonstrate how unfit humanity was to exercise stewardship over the planet Earth. References to ‘serpents’ in biblical books suggest that elements of the Reptilian race stayed behind. Such a scenario is consistent with the chronology used by the Egyptian historian Manetho who claimed that prior to the 30 dynasties of human kings that ruled Egypt, there was direct rule by the Gods and the demigods.[65]

The view that remnant Anunnaki ETs are hidden on Earth is supported by Dr Courtney Brown and others who have conducted extensive remote viewing sessions on the presence of ET races on and off the planet.[66] Brown has concluded that a rebel faction of Anunnaki, who he and others describe as Reptilians, is concealed on Earth and it is estranged from the larger body of their race. According to Stewart Swerdlow, who claims to have participated in clandestine government projects located at the Montauk Air force/Naval facility;[67] the investigative journalist, Jim Marrs;[68] and the controversial British author, David Icke;[69] this remaining band of Anunnaki on Earth, has influenced humanity through human proxies derived from ET/human interbreeding that eventually became the aristocratic ‘blue bloods’ of Europe and other nations. According to Icke,
… a race of interbreeding[‘royal’ reptile-human hybrid] bloodlines … were centered in the Middle East and Near East in the ancient world and, over the thousands of years since, have expanded their power across the globe … creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other.[70]

These human elites maintained certain esoteric traditions by which they could maintain contact with those Anunnaki rebels concealed in different locations on Earth. Brown, Marrs, Bramley, Icke and others claim that this advanced race covertly influences humanity in order to produce resources that sustain these hidden ETs.[71]

The author/channel Alex Collier, claims that the small number of Anunnaki beings at the moment concealed on Earth eagerly await the return of the Anunnaki elite, who they hope will end the secrecy of the Anunnaki history and presence, and reestablish overt Anunnaki control and end the need to rule covertly through unreliable human proxies.[72] Brown describes the Anunnaki remnants as often being in conflict with the ET intruders, the Grays.[73]

In the Stargate Conspiracy, Lynne Pickett and Clive Prince describe the process by which this advanced race of ETs established religion as a control instrument for humanity.[74] They argue that clandestine government agencies are aware of the Anunnaki remnants on Earth and are divided over how to respond to the anticipated return of the Anunnaki elites in the immediate future that may attempt to reestablish overt control over the planet. Brown, Picknett and Prince claim that clandestine government programs are using ‘exotic’ technologies such as psychotronic weapons activated by thought, enhanced psychic abilities, ‘star gates’, and even time travel, to militarily prepare for the return of the Anunnaki who possess a technology supposed to be superior to anything reverse engineered from downed Gray space craft.[75]

A number of individuals who claim to have participated in clandestine military programs with ET races have also reported interacting with or witnessing a large Reptilian species that presumably are associated with the historic Anunnaki presence on the planet. Andy Pero, who claims to have been recruited as a super soldier by a clandestine government organization, gave testimony of such an encounter:

On one occasion I was introduced to a Reptilian being while in an underground base sometime in 1989-90. At first I saw a 7-foot tall human Aryan looking man. He walks towards me and I notice that his image phases out as if something interfered with an energy field. He does something to a device on his belt and tells me, "OK, I'll show you." He then pushes some button and then I see his image change into a 7-foot tall lizard like creature who looked like he weighed over 400 lb.[76]

According to other participants including Michael Relfe, Al Bielak and Preston Nichols, Reptilian beings are involved with time/interdimensional travel technology, mind control, psychotronics and other exotic weapons.[77]

Conspiracy theories falling into this perspective suggest that humanity needs to counter subversive efforts of the concealed Anunnaki remnants, and prepare for the potential threat posed by the returning Anunnaki who may attempt to deprive humanity of their sovereignty by reestablishing overt control on the basis of global mismanagement by human elites. This perspective suggests those Anunnaki remnants concealed on Earth continue to manipulate international events through human proxies to create the right international environment to influence the decision of their superiors. War, poverty, and environmental collapse are presumed to constitute the favorable climate for the return of the Anunnaki elites who would present themselves as saviors of humanity who would solve these problems and ‘punish’ human elites responsible for them.

The moral categories used to describe the Anunnaki presence, in contrast to the Gray ET presence, clearly fall into the malevolent end of the moral spectrum. There are few morally redemptive features of the ET presence concealed on Earth, and suspicion over the intentions of the larger body of Anunnaki presumed to be returning. In contrast to the intruder perspective that focused on a clandestine government conspiracy not to reveal the ET presence, this perspective focuses on an ET conspiracy to subvert and control humanity through human proxies. The primary information sources for conspiracy theories in this perspective are drawn, in order, from the last three categories of Remote Viewing, Independent Archeology, and Channeling. While these sources have weak to moderate evidentiary strength, the small number of ‘whistleblowers’ who have come forward to support the manipulator perspective suggests ranking this category at the upper end of moderate evidentiary support.


Helper Perspective

According to conspiracy theories that fall into this perspective, ETs are here to help humanity deal with a myriad of political, socioeconomic and environmental problems, but this is not disclosed to the general public by clandestine government agencies. The  ETs in this category are described as humanoid in appearance, with a height of 8 feet or more, and often having the physical characteristics of Northern Europeans and typically called Nordics or Semites.[78] Dr Michael Wolfe claims to have worked with these humanoid races in secret military facilities in the US, and claims that the "The Semitics and Nordics [ETs] come from Altair 4 and 5 and from the Pleiades [star systems]."[79] A more controversial description of these helper ETs is Billy Meiers who claimed to have been visited by beings from the Pleiades who allowed him to photograph their ships and to have extended communication with him.[80] Meier quickly attained celebrity status and people were coming from around the world to hear his story and the secret history of the ET-Earth connection, and the esoteric ET philosophy.

Some of the principal supporters of the helper perspective include Dr Steven Greer who has personally interviewed and analyzed hundreds of whistleblower testimonies on the ET presence; Dr Richard Boylan who has interviewed a range of ‘contactees’ and military/intelligence ‘insiders’ with knowledge of the ET presence; and  Alfred Webre a former Science adviser to the Carter White House now based at the Stanford Research Institute who is a pioneer in advanced communication techniques with ET races.[81] There are numerous ‘channellers’ of ET races who also support the perspective of an advanced race of ETs quietly assisting humanity evolve.[82]

According to this perspective, the ‘helper ETs’ are here to assist humanity in a number of interrelated ways. First, the helper ETs assist humanity in empowering itself  by developing more advanced levels of consciousness whereby humans use a greater proportion of their inherent psychic capacity and spiritual potential. The theme of self-empowerment through transformational activities such as prayer, meditation and connecting with the energy field of the planet is a recurring theme in descriptions of what the Helper ETs are attempting to teach global  humanity.[83] This was the theme promoted by Meiers in his account of the philosophy taught to him by ETs from the Pleiades who were apparently concerned that self-destruction had occurred when earlier human civilizations that had integrated Pleiadian technology before self-destruction. According to Meiers: “Semjase and the Pleiadians who had chose to return again to Earth were descendants of a peaceful Lyrian [star system Lyra] faction that now felt responsible for guiding Earth in its spiritual evolution, so the Earth humans could avoid the setbacks long ago experienced by their Pleiadian ancestors.”[84] Courtney Brown argues that his remote viewing sessions consistently turn up evidence of a Galactic Federation of races that assists humanity in its evolution.[85]

A second way in which helper ETs assist humanity is to pass down knowledge of advanced technologies and alternative energy sources that are more harmonious with the biosphere which they regard as a living organism which needs to be protected. The early twentieth century inventor, Nikola Tesla, is often cited as one assisted by ETs to develop and disseminate these environmentally friendly technologies.[86]  According to the statements from witnesses in the Disclosure Project, a number of ‘free energy technologies’ are possessed and used by the government, but are not disclosed to the general population.[87] Paul Czysz, who has worked for 38 years either with the US Air force or the exotic technologies department of the military contractor, McDonnell-Douglas, explains why these technologies are withheld as follows:

The people that have access to [these advanced energy technologies] don’t know how to let go of it, because they’re afraid of who’s going to get their hands on it. Even though there would be a tremendous benefit to mankind, they’re also worried that somebody could take that same energy source and do the equivalent of what they did with the USS Cole – instead of blowing a hole in the side, they could just obliterate the whole ship.[88]

According to interviews of ‘government insiders’, Richard Boylan claims that the B2 stealth bomber operates largely using anti-gravity technology for its propulsion system but this is not disclosed to the general public who believe it relies on conventional fuel sources.[89] 

A third way helper ETs assist humanity is to encourage humanity to achieve peaceful resolution of international conflict, and prevent nuclear proliferation and the use of other destructive weapons. A number of former government and military officials have provided testimonies that support this perspective of ETs as helpers. ETs have displayed significant concern for nuclear weapons and even, in some instances, disarmed nuclear weapons. According to Captain Robert Salas in testimony given in December 2000 as part of the Disclosure Project, 16 nuclear-armed missiles were simultaneously disarmed in two separate launch facilities after guards reported UFO’s hovering over two NORAD facilities in March 1967.[90]  Other sources report that  during the early years of the Eisenhower administration, a group of ETs secretly met with US government officials appointed to deal with the ET question, and offered to assist with a number of environmental, technological, political and socioeconomic problems, with the sole condition that the US dismantle its nuclear arsenal.[91] When the government officials declined, this group of ETs subsequently withdrew and played no role in the government’s clandestine program to reverse engineer ET technology for advanced weaponry. It is claimed that these ‘helper ETs’ would subsequently concentrate their efforts with consciousness raising of the general public; warning of the hazards of nuclear and ‘exotic’ weapon systems reverse engineered from ET technology; limiting the environmental impact of clandestine projects; encouraging the development of alternatives to using fossil fuel as an energy source; and preparing the general populace for eventual disclosure of the ET presence.

Finally, the helper ETs describe the Milky Way galaxy, and indeed the universe, as being populated by numerous advanced civilizations.[92] By understanding more about ET races and interstellar politics, the helper ETs believe this will help the evolution of humanity. Alfred Webre, who briefly headed a 1977 Special Study on Communications with Extraterrestrials initiated by President Carter, has written a book based on the politics of ET races and their interaction with Earth:

Earth appears to be an isolated planet in the midst of a populated Universe. Universe society consists of highly organized and consciously evolving, advanced civilizations. Universe civilizations function within our own interstellar Universe, as well as within other dimensions in the Universe at large. Advanced Universe civilizations exist in other dimensions parallel to our own. They access our own planet, galaxy, and all of interstellar space.  Life-bearing planets such as Earth are part of a collective Universe whole, operating under Universal law. Think of Earth as part of a Universe commons. Life is implanted and cultivated here under the tutelage of more advanced societies, in accordance with the over-all principles of Universe ecology. 

Where necessary, Universal law applies restrictive measures to a planet that endangers the collective whole. Universe government can remove a planet from open circulation within Universe society. This fate appears to have happened to Earth in our distant past. Earth has suffered for eons as an exopolitical outcast among the community of Universe civilizations.  Earth is isolated because it is under intentional quarantine by a structured, rational Universe society. There are signs around us of a Universe initiative to reintegrate Earth into interplanetary society. It is possible that Earth may be permitted to rejoin Universe society, under certain conditions, or at a future time certain.[93]

The rapidly growing information of these helper ETs comes from an extensive range of sources. Former military and government ‘whistle blowers’ have revealed the activities of clandestine government agencies and interests opposed to incorporating ET technology into the public arena.[94]  An extensive number of witnesses of these Helper ETs continue to make reports about being physically visited by helper ETs and communicating with them either by both verbal and/or telepathic means, that are collected and closely analyzed by a number of highly credentialed individuals and organizations.[95] Further sources of information are participants in scientific remote viewing projects either conducted under governmental supervision or private organizations; and individuals who claim to be in telepathic communication with these helper ETs and often become popular ‘channels’ of insights for the general public.

In sum, the Helper ET perspective depicts the ET presence as being clearly benevolent in their moral orientation, and that their intentions and activities aim to assist humanity deal with a range of global issues, including rogue ET elements intent on destabilizing global institutions, the biosphere or abducting the human population for genetic experiments. The conspiracy theories that stem from the helper perspective focus on the efforts of clandestine governmental organizations to suppress information of the presence of the ET helpers, and even contrive a military conflict with ETs in general in order to maintain the status quo. The primary information sources for conspiracy theories in this perspective are drawn from all the categories with the exception of the abduction category. The most persuasive is from the Whistle blower category. This suggests strong evidentiary support for this perspective

Watcher Perspective
The fourth perspective can be distinguished from the first three insofar as it relies exclusively on the last two categories of sources - individuals claiming to be in telepathic contact with ETs (‘channels’) and independent archeologists.[96] The main idea advocated by these authors is that many ETs are primarily here to simply observe how humanity resolves its numerous societal and global conflicts at a time when cosmic energy surges in the solar system and the galaxy adds to the intensity of these conflicts. According to the Watcher perspective, humanity represents an elaborate galactic experiment designed by ETs who wish to observe how humanity responds to the galaxy wide energy surges.

According to this perspective, the entire universe is comprised of vibrating energy fields that wax and wane in long historical cycles that have their origin in the cosmic and galactic energies that emanate from the cores of galaxies, and elsewhere in the universe. At different points in these cycles, energy fields will be intensified by cosmic and galactic energies that have a cycle similar to that of our sun which every 11 years experiences an increase in the emission of Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Expulsions, and the various electromagnetic energies that make up the Solar Wind. These energy shifts prove to be very profound in terms of their impact and the future of planetary civilizations, according to this perspective, is determined by how well they respond to these energy shifts. 

While it may appear strange at first to believe that reality is nothing but energy, quantum physics has indeed shown that sub-atomic particles are made up of rapidly vibrating energy fields rather than discrete particles that was earlier thought to be the ultimate substratum of reality. According to Robert Becker in his best selling, The Body Electric, the human body is nothing but concentrated electrical and magnetic energy fields that respond constantly to the energy fields of the larger environment.[97]

According, to this perspective, the contemporary era corresponds to the end of a number of important celestial cycles revealed by the Mayan Calendar. One is the end of a Mayan cycle of 5,200 years, another is the end of a solar cycle of 25,920 years corresponding to the precession of the equinoxes. [98]  Some argue that cycles up to as long as 225,000,000 years also come to completion at this time.[99] According to John Major Jenkins, the solar cycle corresponds with the time it takes for the plane of our solar system (the ecliptic) to realign itself with the ‘galactic core’ where cosmic and other energies from the center of the galaxy dramatically influence consciousness all around the planet.[100] These historic shifts in consciousness, according to Jenkins, are described in the Mayan, Vedic and Egyptian traditions and explain the dramatic rise and falls of different civilizations throughout the ages.

The profound consciousness shift occurs due to the cyclic transitions and realignment with the galactic core changing the intensity of all the ‘energies’ – electromagnetic, solar, gravitational, cosmic, etc. - that influence life throughout the solar system. This means, for example, that all the thoughts, feelings and actions which all combine to influence an individual’s reality are either magnified or diminished. In the case of a magnification, this has two polarized outcomes. One is that human civilization implodes due to the intensification of all the latent conflicts and dysfunctional energies that come to the surface of human collective life, in a kind of ‘planetary spring cleaning’, and prove to be unmanageable. An analogy to help understand this is that of psychological process of ‘projection’ wherein unbalanced individuals project onto others their own unresolved psychological issues. If this were to occur to an extreme degree with large numbers of individuals, such a society could implode in a violent cathartic release of repressed negative emotions.

The second outcome of a magnification of energies influencing human consciousness is that the energy surges make it possible for a jump in evolution from the ‘dimensional reality’ that a particular civilization finds itself in, to a higher dimension where more refined powers of creation are possible. According to a number of authors, human civilization currently occupies a ‘third density level’ and is preparing to make the transition to the ‘fifth density level’ at the end of the current 5000-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012.[101]

This philosophy of differing density levels that can also be described as making up a ‘multidimensional reality’ can be understood by the metaphor of water molecules at different temperatures. At temperatures below 0 degrees centigrade, water freezes into ice crystals. The degree of difficulty or energy used in manipulating these water molecules when in ice form in terms of movement, storage, shapes, etc., is a metaphor for the difficulties encountered by beings who live in a low density level such as the third density which human civilization reportedly occupies. At temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees centigrade, water is in liquid form wherein the molecules are much easier to move, store, and place in different shapes. This is a metaphor for the ease with which civilizations are able to shape their external reality according to the energy used. Finally, water at temperatures above 100 degrees centigrade, becomes a gas where it is easiest to manipulate the water molecules in terms of movement, storage and shape. Again, this is a metaphor for the ease with which civilizations are able to shape their external reality according to the energy used.

According to this perspective, the Watcher ETs are here to learn how humanity deals with the energy shifts that intensify the latent conflicts and dysfunctional energies from human history. They desire to observe whether human civilization implodes, or is successful in making the transition from a third density environment, into fourth and then fifth density environments. While it may appear odd at first to hear that advanced ET civilizations are here to observe and possibly learn from humanity, it may not be so strange if ‘galactic history’ is explained from the perspective of a number of authors claiming to be in telepathic communication with ETs.[102] According to these authors, the Milky Way galaxy has witnessed intense armed conflict between large alliances of ET races divided by competing philosophies, histories and genetic heritages. In its most simple terms, these conflicts have been polarized around two competing visions about how the galaxy is best organized, and took place primarily in the constellation of Orion. [103] One vision is that all ET races should have an equal role and voice in galactic decision making, while the other is that the oldest and most technologically advanced race, rightfully has a privileged position.

According to this perspective, the most powerful elites from the two sides many millennia ago, realized that the coming cyclic energetic changes, what can be termed the ‘Great Shift’, would in most likelihood lead to another galactic war due to the intensification of all the issues that were never completely resolved in previous conflicts and which lay dormant.[104] This would be disastrous since this would mean great devastation and loss for those ET civilizations not able to make the transition to a higher density. Only a comprehensive galactic unity would guarantee that these latent conflicts would not result in a new Galactic War, and that most civilizations could successfully move up in density levels during the ‘Great Shift’. However, these elites from the respective ET races recognized that the intense divisions between them in terms of history, genetics and philosophy, would in most likelihood not be overcome in time for a comprehensive galactic union to be reached, thereby making another galactic war inevitable. 

In order to overcome this problem and avert future disaster, the ET elites decided to sponsor a hybrid race that would comprise the diverse genetic pools found in the galaxy. As a result of genetics, and interventions by differing ET races at appointed times, this race of beings would experience a history that closely mirrored that of the galaxy. If this hybrid race could resolve its internal differences by the time of the Great Shift to achieve a comprehensive political unity, then this would provide an example for the rest of the Galaxy for how they could in turn deal with the Great Shift. Thus the human race was born as a ‘Great Galactic Experiment’ whose true purpose was known only among a few of the elite of the most powerful ET races.[105] While these few elites from the oldest and most advanced ET civilizations presumably knew that only a galactic union would avert future disaster, this was not widely accepted among the bulk of the ET races that believed that their favored viewpoint would prevail in a future galactic conflict. These is analogous to human conflict where hard line military leaders strongly believe that they will militarily prevail in another confrontation and disagree with more prudent calls for dialogue and negotiation. Those few ET elites that could prophesy such a future galactic calamity sponsored the evolution of humanity throughout the varied ET interventions in history, both benevolent and malignant, in order to demonstrate to the rest of the Galaxy how to handle the Great Shift. One of the principal advocates of the Watcher perspective is Barbara Marciniak whose writings have become a seminal source in the channeling community. Marciniak, channeling a group of ETs from the Pleiades describes this ‘Great Galactic Experiment’ as follows:

Much of existence is focused on you at this time, although that is not to say everyone has their telescopes pointed at Earth. However, there are legends in the cosmos, just as there are legends on Earth, and cosmic legends speak of this time of change and refer to you as a gem of a genetic library tucked away, an experiment made for a ‘just-in-case’ time. And this experiment has been fought over and discounted, recognized and forgotten, valued and given away; you have experienced all these events in the collective of your consciousness, in the cells of who you are…. You are the Gods’ secret tucked away in time, and they wait to see if you can change from one form of being into another in a nanosecond – in their terms; in yours, perhaps it takes a lifetime, a lifetime enriched and extraordinary, above and beyond ordinary existence. You have an exquisite opportunity to create a completely unique kind of power and to bring purposefulness and meaning to Earth. Cosmic legends are full of this tale about you humans. Just as your legends on Earth are filled with tales of magicians, at this juncture in time you are looked upon in the Book of Earth as magicians yourselves, the whole lot of you, not simply a few. The heavens hold the rich imprint of electromagnetic aliveness, and as you move through space, your planet, solar system, and galaxy all traverse new territory. This territory has been planned for you to encounter, one that will recode your DNA in this lifetime to connect you to the multidimensional intelligence that exists beyond your biology, and is your inheritance.[106]

According to the Watcher perspective, recent human experience in terms of two World Wars in the first half of the twentieth century, and fears of a third World War either in the latter part of the twentieth or early twenty first century, mirrored the history of earlier galactic conflicts. In so far as humanity has been able to avert a third world war, the human experiment has thus far been a great success story. Humanity has shown how a civilization can overcome a long history of racial and cultural differences, political and economic conflict, and environmental degradation at the same time as the Great Shift intensifies all the aspects of these differences. This viewpoint is clearly outlined by the popular author Jeleila Starr who claims to channel a higher dimensional ET race associated with the seeding of planet Earth:

Earth is the third of 3 Grand Experiments in Polarity Integration.  This means that she is a special planet set aside from all others and populated with every species in the known universe for the specific purpose of integration.  In this melting pot of species, and with the aid of highly evolved incarnated souls and their angels/guides, it is hoped that full integration of the Light and Dark can be achieved.  If this occurs, peace will reign in the galaxy and universe.  Why? Each species will have the blueprint, created in the Grand Experiment by their star-seeded children, to resolve any conflict no matter how ancient.  It is these painful, ancient irresolvable conflicts between races and species that have resulted in numerous galactic wars that have brought about the necessity of this experiment.  If Earth fails to achieve full integration, the galaxies will be destroyed because there won’t be any way to resolve the conflicts.  If Earth succeeds and peace is established, the Polarity Game will end and all souls who achieved integration will have the opportunity to move on to other realms and create new universes and games through which they can continue to learn and grow.[107] The planet Earth, Humanity and the galaxy, it is claimed, has a deadline to prepare for this transition to a higher dimensional or ‘density’ level at the end of the current 5200 year cycle of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012.[108]           

In sum, the Watcher perspective suggests that a galactic/cosmic conspiracy exists where humanity has been set up to create a solution to a galactic problem not of humanity’s own making. The Watcher ETs are represented as merely observing how humanity integrates its diverse heritage and resolves the historic conflicts expected to emerge over the next decade. Rather than directly intervening in human affairs, the ET Watchers are portrayed primarily as observers who over the course of millennia are somehow able to influence or decide which other ET races are allowed to intervene in human affairs. The ET Watchers are depicted as being able to calculate the effects of such interventions in a way that predisposes humanity to arriving at a uniquely human solution to a complex galactic problem.
The moral dimension of this perspective is primarily neutral due to the observational nature of the ETs described, and the long-term effort involved in promoting and learning from the  ‘human experiment’. The primary information sources for this perspective are drawn overwhelmingly from Category E, Channels. Additional evidence comes from independent archaeology and remote viewing but these lack the clarity and coherence of channeled information. The reliance on channeled information suggests weak evidentiary support for this perspective. 
Despite its weak evidentiary support base, an interesting aspect of this perspective is that it integrates the earlier perspectives into what appears to be a coherent conspiracy framework integrating all the other conspiracy theories concerning the ET presence. Furthermore, those advocating this perspective, write with clarity of purpose, coherence and persuasiveness that wins many converts who desire to know the ‘big picture’ about the ET presence and human history. One might view this perspective as the ‘mother of all conspiracies’, where this grand galactic conspiracy by higher dimensional ET races, lays the foundations and rules for all other conspiracies involving ET races and human elites.

Summaries for all the perspectives examined, and the various conspiracy theories, moral orientations, primary sources and evidentiary support ascribed to each perspective can now be presented, see Table 1.


Table 1: Summary of ET Perspectives and Conspiracy Theories.


Source of Conspiracy

ET Moral Orientation

Primary Sources

(Top 4)

Evidentiary Support


Clandestine Government Organizations








Remnant Anunnaki ETs


Remote Viewers

Independent Archeology





Clandestine Government Organizations


Whistleblowers Witnesses

Remote Viewers




Watcher ETs


Channels Independent Archeology

Remote Viewers



Implications of Exopolitics for Policy Makers

Much of what has been written so far will predictably have little impact in the policy making community in the event of a continued government policy of non-disclosure of the ET presence and of clandestine government projects set up to deal with different aspects of this presence. Recent signals that the US government and other governments are deliberately leaking information supporting the ET presence, suggests that some form of official disclosure might occur in the near future. Interviews of a number of former/current government ‘insiders’ affirm that key policy making bodies embedded in various levels of government, have been recently pursuing a policy of acclimation, preparing the general public for disclosure of the ET presence.[109]

The emergence of hundreds of former government, intelligence and military officials who have become, or are willing to become, ‘whistle blowers’ on their participation in clandestine projects and/or suppression of information involving ETs supports claims that a gradual disclosure program is underway. [110]  Most prominent among the public disclosures of former military/intelligence officials are the revelations by Col Phillip Corso in his book, The Day After Roswell. Corso’s impeccable military credentials, former leadership positions in the Army’s clandestine Research and Development Department, and association with prominent Republican leaders such as Senator Strom Thurmond, made him a key figure in the gradual disclosure program to prepare the general public.

Discussion of the political implications of an ET presence is clearly difficult in an official environment of non-disclosure of such a presence. This means making some effort to determine where evidentiary support is strongest in order for discussion of the political consequences of the ET presence to proceed  with least reservations over the accuracy and verifiability of the political issues under discussion.

Of the four perspectives two were found to have weak evidentiary support. The Manipulator perspective had a ranking of weak/moderate evidentiary support. This suggests that any discussion of its policy implications, while possible, would need to be qualified by the need for stronger evidence to support any conclusions that stem from this perspective.[111] In chapters five and six of this book, this perspective will figure prominently in analyzing motivations for US led military intervention in Iraq in 2003. The fourth perspective, the Watcher, had the weakest evidentiary support among all of the perspectives. Once again, this suggests that any discussion of its policy implications, while possible, would need to be qualified by the need for stronger evidence to support any conclusions that stem from this perspective.[112] For the remainder of this paper, I will briefly review the two perspectives, Intruder and Helper, found to have the strongest evidentiary support, and their implications for policy makers.

The ‘Intruder perspective’ has a high degree of evidentiary support and therefore deserves close attention in terms of its policy implications. This perspective portrays the ET presence as intrusive and a potential threat, and thereby lends itself to US and allied government policy responses that support the acquisition and use of reverse engineered ET weaponry in addition to other exotic weapons gained in clandestine projects. This perspective suggests an ongoing military confrontation where the US and allied governments militarily cooperate in ways designed to counter what is perceived as a potential ET threat. While this may encourage greater global political cooperation, it does so on the basis of a clandestine and coordinated military build up that would at best translate into a form of non-belligerence, rather than global peace, which characterized much of the Cold War era. A hidden war is therefore underway where physical evidence of this conflict with ETs is kept hidden from public awareness, but consumes national resources as those policy makers participating in clandestine government organizations, try to upgrade defense industries to better contain or confront ETs anywhere on the planet in which they appear.

As analysis of this perspective pointed out earlier, intrusiveness can be distinguished from hostility or aggression. There is little evidence that the gray ETs have displayed hostility or aggression to either military forces or the civilian population. It may therefore be concluded that it is premature to support a military confrontation with this ET race. This suggests that resources devoted to a secret military confrontation need to be restricted and placed under close scrutiny by elected public officials who would be more responsive to a responsible policy debate over how to interact with the Gray ET species.

The third perspective, the Helper, has strong evidentiary support that merits discussion of its implications for policy makers. This perspective poses a difficult challenge for those political leaders since it is based on a policy of disarmament of a range of reverse engineered and exotic weaponry, nuclear weapons, and other destructive weaponry that presumably harm the biosphere. For example, weapons such as extremely long wave (ELF) sonic waves used for sonar tracking in the oceans, presumably to monitor ET activities, cause great harm to marine life. Similarly, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) that uses microwaves deflected off the Ionosphere, also causes environmental damage and is argued to be an instrument of mind control.[113] These weapon systems were included in a comprehensive list of space-based weapon system that a congressional representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, introduced for consideration as a bill by the US congress in October 2001.[114] In implementing such a wide-ranging disarmament program as outlined in Kucinich’s bill, The Space Preservation Act, policy makers would be confronted with the dilemma of sacrificing what they perceive to be the chief means of a military defense in the case of future conflict with an ET race. The helper ETs suggest that through a radical overhaul of human society to empower individuals, eradicate social and economic inequalities, adopting environmentally sustainable energy sources, and using new technologies for communication and transportation, humanity would ultimately develop a more viable form of global defense against ET interference.

The implications for global peace suggested by the ET helper perspective is that primary obstacles to peace are clandestine government projects that use reverse engineered technology and exotic weapons with little regard to the damage caused to the biosphere, the refusal to disclose the true nature and motivations of the ET helper’s presence, and government secrecy over the discovery of alternative energy sources that can relieve pressure on the biosphere as a result of fossil fuel consumption. Accordingly, efforts such as the Disclosure Project organized by Dr Stephen Greer focus on the illegal secrecy of these clandestine projects and institutions, and the importance of alternative energy sources for preventing environmental catastrophe and international conflict.[115]

This perspective offers the most far reaching vision of a global peace where humanity comes together to eradicate social, environment and economic problems by responsibly incorporating ET technology. While the third perspective is morally desirable, it poses the greatest challenge to policy makers that have exercised clandestine control over the ET question, and who have an ingrained disposition that military defense is the best insurance against intrusive ET activities and the technological superiority of such races. This suggests that the clandestine decision making processes originally designed as a safeguard against ET interference, need to be reassessed and placed under close scrutiny by elected public officials who would be more responsive to a responsible public debate over how to deal with the difficult question of disarmament and the ET presence.

Policy Recommendations - the Need for Exopolitics

It has been concluded that of the four perspectives comprising a range of conspiracy theories on an ET presence, two have sufficient evidentiary support to be immediately considered by policy makers, and to be closely studied in terms of their political implications. On the basis of evidence supporting these two perspectives, the following five policy recommendations can be made.

First, the quality of evidence substantiating an ET presence and clandestine government cover up has a significant degree of credibility and persuasiveness. This supports the creation a new field of public policy, exopolitics, which would study these two perspectives in the current political climate of an officially sanctioned government policy of non-disclosure of the ET presence. There is therefore a need to outline the main concepts, theories and information sources used in exopolitics as an emerging field of public policy. Furthermore, efforts need to be devoted to analyzing the policy implications of exopolitics in all areas where the ET presence has an impact.

Second, there is a need to promote official government disclosure of an ET presence, and to make more representative the policy making process that has evolved in government responses to such a presence. The magnitude of the issues raised by the ET presence requires vigorous public debate over the ET presence and how to interact with ET races. This would lead to a more representative decision making process in contrast to what the evidence suggests is a restricted decision making process on the ET presence run by a small number of government officials ‘appointed’ in a manner which raises serious concerns over their accountability, constitutional status and lack of congressional oversight.

Third, there is a need to reveal the full nature of national security policies undertaken by clandestine government organizations in militarily responding to the ET presence. Evidence provided by a number of sources reveals a clandestine government policy that uses reverse engineered ET weaponry in addition to other exotic weapons gained in clandestine projects to target and bring down ETVs. The evidence suggests that a covert military confrontation has been underway for more than fifty years where the US and other major governments have been secretly cooperating in ways designed to monitor, contain and engage with what is viewed as a potential ET threat.  Such a coordinated military response around the globe to an ET presence consumes national resources as clandestine government organizations, try to upgrade defense industries to better contain or confront ETs, while keeping the general public and elected officials ignorant of these military activities.

Fourth, there is a need to release into the public arena all knowledge about alternative energy sources that have a commercial application but are withheld on national security grounds. There is substantial evidence to suggest that reverse engineered ET technologies have been used in the development of energy sources for ‘black projects’ such as the anti-gravity propulsion system that is claimed to fuel the B2 bomber. Given the environmental impact of the continued use of fossil fuel energy, there is a need to release into the public arena all available technologies that have commercial application.

The final policy recommendation is that there needs to be more effort in determining the extent to which congressional oversight is required for organizations created to deal with the ET presence. There is evidence to suggest that elected public officials including even sitting Presidents, have been denied access to information on the ET presence on the basis of national security considerations. While the argument that national security considerations may at times require public secrecy and even non-disclosure to most elected public officials, there needs to be more effort devoted into working out an effective and constitutional process establishing firm guidelines for such a process.

While the relevance of exopolitics as an emerging field of public policy may justifiably be questioned in a pre-disclosure political environment, the seriousness of the claims and the evidence provided by those conducting exopolitical research, and the policy implications drawn by exopolitical analysis, deserves close attention from academic researchers, policy makers and the general public. Exopolitics provides an opportunity for understanding how humanity can better share and manage the resources of this planet with other species, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, thereby contributing to a more peaceful and harmonious planet for this and future generations.          



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Website: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/mj12.html
[92]. See Nidle, First Contact. In something resembling the prime directive of the popular series Star Trek, the alliance of advanced ET races that the helper ETs belong to, often described as the ‘Galactic Federation’, does not interfere in less developed planetary societies unless either directly requested to by the population, or in the case that the developing planetary society poses a threat to the biosphere and/or other planetary civilizations by the use of destructive technology such as nuclear and ‘exotic’ weapon systems. The helper ETs report that they have been historically in conflict with aggressive ET civilizations primarily based in the constellation of Orion, referred by some as the Orion Alliance, that does not adhere to the non-interference directive. The races mentioned earlier the intruder and manipulator perspectives both reportedly have their origin in the star systems of Orion.  
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[111]. For discussion of this perspective in terms of its policy implications, see Marrs, Rule by Secrecy; and Courtney Brown, Cosmic Explorers. The manipulator perspective throws up even greater problems for the policy maker since it depicts ensconsed remnants of a particular race of ETs, the Annunaki, in morally reprehensible terms that covertly manipulates human societies in ways that create more militarism, political chaos, economic inequality, racial/cultural antagonisms and environmental degradation. This perspective suggests that the Annunaki remannts are encouraging global conflict and breakdown in order to create the necessary conditions that would justify more overt forms of Annunaki control where human sovereignty is lost to the Annunaki elite when they return en masse to the planet in the near future. Acquisition of exotic ET weaponry that wreaks environmental havoc in its testing and deployment, and which may contribute to hostile relations between  humanity and other ET civilizations, may therefore play directly into the hands of the subversive agenda of the Annunaki remnants. A military response to the potential of an Annunaki takeover, would presumably only further exacerbate the situation since this would create fear and panic among political and military leaders worried over the threat to human sovereignty over the Earth’s resources and population. This gives greater urgency to the need to respond to the emerging crisis posed to global humanity by peacefully resolving international conflict, addressing the inequitable distribution of economic resources, and preventing environmental degradation. This would presumably be the best protection against covert Annunaki manipulation from within the planet, and the potential for a takeover from the returning Annunaki elite. The peaceful resolution of global conflict therefore becomes imperative since this is the best guarantee for the perpetuation of human sovereignty in case of a hypothetical return of the Annunaki elite.
[112]. For discussion of this perspective in terms of its policy implications, see Marciniak, Family of Light. This perspective provides a multifaceted interpretative framework that incorporates elements from the first three perspectives for understanding the intentions, activities and implications of the ET presence. What needs to be emphasized again in responding to the ET presence is that any reductionism of the ET presence into simple moral and political categories needs to be avoided. Due to the varied number of ET actors, intentions and activities that are found throughout the history of the ET presence, any reductionism would inevitably lead to poor policy responses by global governments and populations. Such ‘reductionism’ is something from which, to varying  degrees, the first three perspectives, the Intruder, the Manipulator, and Helper, as their descriptive titles suggest, have difficulty in overcoming. In contrast, the Watcher perspective provides a comprehensive interpretive framework for understanding the historical ET presence and what the essential features of a suitable policy response might be.
The long historical presence of ETs is a refutation of the idea that military defence is required against the ETs to ensure continued human sovereignty over the planet. ETs have long possessed the means to overtly take over the planet in a military conflict if that is what they desired. What the Watcher perspective suggests is that there are hidden dynamics, forces and rules at work that place strict limits on ET intervention in human affairs. This gives greater credence to the notion that the interaction of humanity in terms of how it settles conflict within itself and with different ET races is somehow valuable in itself to the Watcher ETs and the wider ET community. In this perspective, the greatest human resource desired by ETs would therefore be conflict resolution abilities developed by humanity in dealing with a myriad of social, political and economic problems that become more prominent in a time of increased global tension as a result of a number of factors: population increase, environmental degradation, global communication and its impact on culture; and/or what might be alternatively viewed as an intensification of galactic and cosmic energies sweeping the planet.
While the idea of a humans participating in a galactic experiment designed to produce a human solution to a galactic problem may appear odd given the present difficult political, economic, and environmental issues that global humanity faces, it is not so strange if any of these had the potential to lead to global cataclysm which, to the time of writing, have been successfully averted. The appropriate government policy response would therefore be for continuing efforts to peacefully resolve disputes through global consensus, and devoting more resources to ending global problems such as poverty, environmental degradation, and disease.
In order to overcome the potential problems posed by a perspective that reduces the ET presence to a single moral and political framework, this paper supports a comprehensive policy making framework that incorporates relevant aspects of all four perspectives on the ET presence. In so far as the fourth perspective, incorporates the earlier perspectives into a comprehensive means of understanding the ET presence, it can be concluded that this offers a more appropriate interpretive framework for how policy makers and the general public might respond to the ET presence.
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